Topsort Cookie Bites #72

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September 14, 2023
3 minutes
Industry Insights

Hey!!! Thanks for tuning in, let's go through my favourite pieces of news this week :) What's the Latest? 

- Digital ad spending will increase by less than 10% for the first time in 14 years
- The six biggest ecommerce markets in Europe generated 72 percent of the total European ecommerce spend
- 46% of online shoppers wish for more relevant search results

Google antitrust trial begins a week after its 25th birthday💥


And so the 10-week antitrust trial begins... The US is set to make its case that Google illegally abused its power to monopolize internet search, leveraging its market power and wealth to strangle competition.

Following the billions Google spent with Apple and Samsung Electronics to be the default search browser, the government opinion is this shut out all competition, allowing Google to gain a 90% market share of internet search.

Obviously, Google are denying the justice department’s allegations, arguing that consumers can still freely use any rival search engines and their high market share is the result of providing a better product than its competitors...

Day one of ten weeks, let's see if this is the end of big tech monetization.
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Instacart IPO: Can It Be the Next Amazon or Shopify? 🥕


Instacart recently priced its IPO, with shares expected to start selling between $26 and $28, and the online grocery marketplace is expected to begin trading those shares next week. At that price, the company would be worth $9.3 billion fully diluted, well below the $39 billion it was valued at back in 2021.
With 5,500 brands using Instacart Ads representing a 5x increase since late 2019, Instacart are a true example for how delivery apps and retailers can leverage this revenue stream to scale their businesses all the way to IPO.

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Relevance, relevance, relevance! 📊🚀

40% Gen-Z use of TikTok and Instagram when searching for lunch recommendations - that's where brands/vendors need to be advertising!!

Ads should be relevant, not annoying or out of place, in fact, we think the best ads are the ones no one notices… allow your users/vendors/brands the chance to promote their listings. Creating a useful experience for users with curated recommendations through sponsored content is key to higher conversion rates.
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