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What everyone is saying about Topsort...

Topsort delivered exactly what we needed in a partner-- a flexible, API based solution that delivered top value for our advertisers, met our unique needs as an advertising platform and they delivered it FAST!
Rory O'Rourke
Head of Product - Ads at Glovo
“Topsort has enabled me to have a career in ads and for which I’ll be forever grateful. From studying its API, I learned about auction-based advertising and have built a business unit from the ground up which I enjoyed so much. It’s truly breaking the barriers and leading the next-generation of customer friendly retail media solutions.”
Meeran Sheikh
Advertising at Daraz (Ex-Airlift)
“Our vendors love Topsort and how easy it is to create sponsored listings that boost their sales. On the development side, implementing such a complex-sounding ad infrastructure in such a short time was the biggest surprise to us. Topsort simply works”
Rafael Carvalho
Head of Facily Ads
“Topsort’s a great partner and our brands love using Topsort for sponsored products. Brands are looking at the ROAS to evaluate the performance of products and it looks better than they could ever expect on Facebook ads”
Pauline Roumegoux
Advertising at Atida France
“We were very impressed with how fast Topsort team worked from start to full integration. Supportive, and responsive, they enabled us to go from theory to build new full income stream in less than 4 weeks.”
Daniela Lorca
CEO of Babytuto (now Walmart)
"Media is a core part of our business and a key element of our path to profitability. Topsort has been a great partner, both on the technical side and in terms of advising our Go-To-Market strategy to bring the product to our CPG partners"
Benedict Counsel
Global VP of JOKR Media
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