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Sponsored Listings

Monetize your traffic and empower your vendors with customizable auction-based sponsored listings.
Own your ad spaces on your own terms with Topsort and leverage the ad format that generates billions of dollars of revenue for big tech.


of your eCommerce GMV

The holy grail of Native Ads
a scalable Revenue Stream

Sponsored Listings are the most recommended and sought-after ad type for marketplaces of all kinds. They drive the most vendor adoption, they are the easiest to test out when starting, and they scale quickly. With Topsort, they just got more lucrative!

Once exclusive to some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, auction based sponsored listings are now accessible to all marketplaces, superapps, and multi-brand retailers with Topsort. Own your monetization journey and start serving sponsored listings. Running a native media solution has never been easier with our intuitive admin and vendor dashboards that you have absolute control over!


Requested features from your best vendors

Ad Experience

Homepage, category pages, search result pages or product detail pages; enable sponsored listings on the pages that matter to your users the most.
Give access to your top vendors or open to everyone. Run your native ads platform however you want to transform your business through effective monetization.

sponsored listings customization options
self service sponsored listings campaigns


ROAS for 50% of vendors

or Self-Service

Let your vendors run their own campaigns using our easy-to-use vendor dashboards. With a true empathy for small-vendor, we built Topsort in a way that one can run high ROAS campaigns without being an ad expert. If you want, offer a managed service through your KAMs and category managers.


Lift in vendor sales

by Automation

Setting up the right bids is hard… At scale, it's harder! Our autobidding algorithm dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save your advertisers time and money. With auto-pacing you spend the ad budget when it matters the most, for the best performance.

sponsored listings campaign with autobidding
targeting options for sponsored listings campaign


GMV equivalence in ad revenue

Precise Targeting

We build additional relevance on top of your platform’s relevancy algorithm. Increase the performance with geo-targeting and feed the user cohorts for precise targeting. We made highly-relevant & high-return sponsored listings possible without invasive 3rd-party cookies.


Impressions, Clicks, Events

Real Time Metrics

Campaign metrics are realtime in Topsort dashboards so you and your vendors can easily analyze performance and optimize your campaigns. With real-time metrics, you can troubleshoot faster and offer support in a seamless way

real time metrics of sponsored listings

“Topsort has enabled me to have a career in ads and for which I’ll be forever grateful. From studying its API, I learned about auction-based advertising and have built a business unit from the ground up which I enjoyed so much. It’s truly breaking the barriers and leading the next-generation of customer friendly retail media solutions.”

Meeran Sheikh, Advertising at Daraz (Ex-Airlift)

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