Who we are

Cleaner, More Effective, Product-First Ads that monetize the product, not the user

Our product-centric ads deliver better results without privacy concerns

Our algorithm paces your budget to enter you in the auctions at the best times for highest possible returns. Your budget will always be spent intelligently. All automated!

Trusted partner for Marketplaces, Brands, and Agencies

We believe in straightforward but powerful products that connect e-commerce industry participants while respecting user privacy.

We believe  in a Cleaner Future

Topsort sets a standard in advertising with privacy-focused ads free from third-party cookies. We are also committed to carbon neutrality.

Regina Ye Cofounder & CEO

Regina, is a Gen-Z entrepreneur and former small vendor. In college, she founded the beauty ecommerce brand, Zirui, and spent many tireless nights trying to understand Facebook and Amazon Ads. Today, her sights are set on demystifying the advertising industry for all.

“It’s about keeping the product simple and with warmth.”

Francisco Larrain Cofounder & CTO

Francisco, a son of a single mom who grew up Jewish in a Catholic society in Chile and found engineering a safe heaven and also a fun game to obsess with. He is the first Chilean entrepreneur to exit a startup to Silicon Valley. Formerly a hedge fund analyst, he led engineering at Groupon for 5 years to build out its merchant system. He was a venture investor and now spends all of his time thinking about Topsort’s engineering puzzles.

“Technology makes a difference.”

Michael Ostrovsky Chief Scientist

Mike, is a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and a world-renowned economist on auction theory, game theory, and marketplace design. Over the past 2 decades he’s worked with the best names in adtech, from Yahoo to Google, to Linkedin and Pinterest and he believes firmly in the power of simplification and how auction-based advertising can work in much simpler and long-tail marketplaces.

“It takes two engaged players to create an auction.”