Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands is a new standardized ad format that combines your brand logo and product photos with rich creatives to foster brand awareness and product discovery. These ads have a positive impact on brand engagement and your customers' experience.

How do Sponsored Brands Work?

Sponsored Brands offer a customizable and interactive showcase that blends e-commerce functionality with experiential shopping. These eye-catching ads are placed strategically across the purchasing journey to nurture your customer relationships and drive traffic to your desired destination.

Why are Sponsored Brands a Key Ad format?

By serving as a mid-funnel solution, these ads effectively bridge the gap between traditional Sponsored Listings and Banner Ads. You can enhance branding while showcasing your products at a critical point in their purchasing journey.

Where do Sponsored Brands ads appear?

Sponsored Brands ads are placed prominently alongside, atop or within shopping results on both desktop and mobile platforms, including product detail pages (PDP).

Key Benefits of Sponsored Brands

Premium Placement

Confidentiality, loyal to tMarketplaces can offer premium placement opportunities to advertisershe mission, integrity. Be a good person.

Brand Exposure

Marketplaces can provide a platform that offers advertisers highly valuable brand exposure opportunities.


Advertisers gain flexibility to create campaigns uniquely tailored to their brands and products

Competitive Ads

Self-service brands receive highly sophisticated tools to elevate their brand visibility and engagement so they can be competitive in the retail media landscape

Creating a Sponsored Brands Campaign

To create a Sponsored Brands campaign, marketplace administrators must first establish a placement within the marketplace and set its configuration details. Once the placement is set up, advertisers can create Sponsored Brands campaigns by following a simple step-by-step process:


Upload a Logo


Design a Creative


Craft a Compelling Headline


Select Featured Products


Choose a Bidless™ Strategy


Set Budget and Launch

* Sponsored Brands campaigns can be initiated through the Sponsored Brands API endpoint, enabling seamless integration and automation.