BannerAds Redefined

Welcome to the banner ads of the future, where auction-based high-visibility and mobile-friendly banner ads meet a fully-configurable workflow powered by Topsort. (customizable platform, or native media platform)

Enter the New Era
of Banner Ads with Topsort

Topsort relies on delivering the best ad experience for your brands and consumers while bringing you a scalable revenue stream. Our seamless campaign creation process and ad formats help brands run campaigns that are guaranteed to bring results, without being ad experts. For consumers, the experience is easily finding the products they are looking for, from the brands they love!

Search Result Pages
Category Pages
Real-time Analytics

A premium Ad Format
that’s been poorly used for decades

A solution built with privacy at its core and delivers impressive results without the need for cookies or 3rd party data
The future of retail is cookie-free, and so is Topsort.


A shoe brand banner on the beverage category. You must have seen those! Ads with poor relevance drain resources, and ruin the user experience


Manual approval processes, placements, and campaign tracking stop banner ads from being a scalable solution


Poorly designed banners,
low-resolution creatives, and cropped banners that don’t meet the brand image of your platform.


A search you made weeks ago still chasing you on every website and app you visit! Cookies that invade privacy, and ruin experience

Built for real-world
Retail scenarios

Topsort’s powerful APIs and tools are designed to eliminate the operational and management complexity for multi-brand retailers from day one. The world of retail possesses unique challenges, and Topsort addresses all of these challenges to offer a seamless ad experience for you, your brands, and your users.

Mobile vs Desktop

Create different placements and rules for banner ads served on mobile! Create mobile-only configurations and separate vendor access by desktop or mobile. Built-in dimension detection, auto-cropping and auto-sizing features help you for a seamless ad experience.

Review & Approval Flows

Save time by auto-approving banner ads from the big brands or those with a proven record of high-quality banners, and manually approve or reject the ones you think need some moderation!Built-in CRM makes it easier to manage creatives for the long tail

Trusted by vibrant marketplaces
around the world

“Topsort’s a great partner and our brands love using Topsort for sponsored products. Brands are looking at the ROAS to evaluate the performance of products and it looks better than they could ever expect on Facebook ads”

Pauline Roumegoux

Advertising at Atida France