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Michael Ostrovsky is a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and a world-renowned economist on auction theory, game theory, and marketplace design. He's spent 15 years in Silicon Valley advising marketplaces in auction-based sponsored listings, including Yahoo, Google Play Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

Francisco Larrain is a passionate engineer and Stanford Graduate with roots in LATAM, previously heading Engineering at Groupon.

Regina was previously a small vendor, a Gen-Z entrepreneur who spent days and nights in college learning about Facebook and Amazon Ads, selling a beauty brand Zirui. Basically, she spent a lot of money on advertising and finds current solutions complex and frustrating.

Vendor empathy, Economics, Engineering — that's Topsort!

October 2000
Google launches AdWords with just 350 customers. Businesses from the around the world are able to launch affordable and targeted search campaigns. / Image: Image of Google’s office
October 2003
Yahoo acquires Overture Services, Inc. for $1.63 billion and leverages one of the first pay-for-placement search services to launch ads on Yahoo.
November 2007
Facebook seeks exponential growth by launching it’s “Facebook Ads” platform that includes detailed interest targeting / Image: Image of someone using Facebook
May 2012
Amazon enters the fold, setting up 3 new company divisions - Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP).
Now with Topsort
A simple product with a. Universal approach - advertising that’s intuitive, accessible, and clean / Image: Topsort being integrated into an e-commerce store / Image headline: The fastest growing Adtech startup hits the global market, on a mission to democratize monetization technologies

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