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Topsort has created the most powerful retail media algorithm ever, resulting in a 500% increase in ad revenue compared to advertising on the open web

100+ companies in over 50+ countries power their retail media with Topsort

What is Topsort?

  • Topsort is an AI-powered retail media platform enabling retailers and marketplaces to build their own high-performing ad networks.
  • Topsort provides a cookie-less advertising solution that delivers exceptional returns on ad spend (ROAS).

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These Results are why Topsort is Trusted and Used by Leading Omnichannel Retailers, Marketplaces, Brands and Agencies


Faster Integration & Launch

+ 500%

Increase in Ad Revenue


Quicker Auctions

Solutions for every retail media business


Increase in Sales

Topsort has solved the cold start problem for classifieds!
Our AI-powered algorithm adjusts bids based on the performance of a single unique product with incredible results.


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

If you need a great ROAS for your brands, Topsort is proving to be an industry leader with 25X Return on Ad Spend all with our Bidless™ advertising technology.


Retention Rate

Launch, scale and optimize your retail media strategy with Topsort! Your sellers will love using our simple retail media UI as shown by this incredible retention rate.

Topsort provides a turnkey retail media tech stack that integrates seamlessly right out of the box

Bidless™ Retail Media

The Bidless™ AI-powered retail media platform provides the infrastructure to transform marketplaces and retailers into revenue producing in-house advertising business. Launch a full-stack ad business and start monetizing in just a few clicks.

Topsort Clean Røøm

Our advanced Topsort Clean Røøm uses secure data encryption to provide privacy-compliant data and real-time analytics that close the attribution loop without invasive tracking systems. clients gain visibility into customer trends with attribution data across the full customer journey from in-store, to onsite and offsite.

Topsort Ad Network

Unlock seamless ad buying across leading retailers and e-commerce platforms with Topsort's unified ad network. With just one click, advertisers can execute high-performing campaigns that leverage advanced SKU-level intelligence.

Topsort offers solutions both to those who want to build an ad network or those that want a fully customizable solution

Out of the box


Try our low-code Bidless™ Retail Media infrastructure with omnichannel support


Pick and choose from our 10+ APIs and fully customize your ad platform.


Integrate Topsort’s industry-leading auction algorithm to upgrade your existing ad business’s performance.

How to Build a Cookie-less Retail Media Business in Less than a week!

Are you ready to rival industry giants and build your own world-class retail media business? Topsort is leading the transition to cookie-less retail media advertising.

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