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Topsort is the auction-based native ad infrastructure and APIs for marketplaces and multi-brand retailers to launch and scale native advertisement fast.

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Sophisticated Features,
Intuitive Product

Topsort is designed to be effective for maximum adoption.

All-in-1 Retail Media Platform
Your all-in-one solution is here! Get immediate results by deploying sponsored listings. Add banner and video ads to enhance user experience and grow vendor activation.
Native Advertising Infrastructure
Our auction engine is designed from the outset for low latency, optimal performance, and scalability. Ads are measured by second-price bidding and quality scores.
Self-Service Dashboards
Choose from a managed or self-service model for easy vendor adoption. Both options work for any industry.
First Principle Economics
With the brains behind Pinterest and Linkedin Ads, and experts on Generalized Second Price Auctions, we designed an API from first principle.

Intuitive, Effective Ad Solutions to supercharge your marketplace!

Marketplaces are delicate ecosystems and we get it. Topsort is designed with care for the big brands and small vendors alike, to grow the adoption of your ads solution.

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Retail Media Platform

We’ve combined expertise in game theory, auction design, how the best marketplaces, and what vendors prioritize to bring you the best Retail Media Platform out there. Ads shouldn’t be a guessing game. Your vendors can create effective advertising with little angst and more confidence using Topsort’s autopilot™!

Auction-Based Advertising API

The key to a profitable monetization engine is having an ad monetization API that works from the very beginning. Think of Topsort's API as a kernel for very complex machinery that you'll build to win at retail media and marketplace monetization. Getting a scalable API from day 1 will supercharge your success and save time from mistakes that can be hard to correct down the line.

Simple Integration

Topsort Integration takes 2-3 weeks with 2 sprint tickets.
Auctions run in as little as 20 milliseconds at 10,000 requests per second.
Finally, here is the native advertising infrastructure made for growth, made to scale, made with transparency.

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