Atida Surpasses $2M in Ad Revenue with Auction-Based Sponsored Listings

By leveraging Topsort's Ad Infrastructure, the leading European ePharmacy launched and scaled their native ad platform with dynamic Sponsored Listings Ads, providing advertisers a powerful new way to boost their products in Atida's premium placements.


Bidless™ Metrics

+$2.6 M

sales on ads



+ 100

active vendors

Before Topsort: Fixed Priced Ads and Manual Setup

Atida is a leading European online pharmacy serving over 4 million customers and collaborating with 1600 vendors in nine different countries. Specializing in over-the-counter (OTC) medications, prescription drugs, and beauty products, Atida offers its customers a trusted platform to support their health and wellness needs.

During the retail media boom, Atida sought a partner to develop a scalable ad model. Although Atida already offered fixed banner ads to vendors, they needed a partner to create a comprehensive retail media platform with dynamic ads, optimization, and reporting. 

In 2023, they chose Topsort as a partner to launch a user-friendly, cookie-free sponsored products solution, enhancing their current ad model. 

High Profits in Just Months: The Power of a Select Group of Vendors

In just a few weeks, Atida implemented Topsort's Retail Media All-in-One solution, gaining access to Sponsored Listings and our Auto-Bidding Algorithm. This allowed advertisers to boost their products in prime locations and maximize their ROAS. No longer bound by static placements, this was a game-changer for sellers!

To get started, they selected just one market: France, and started with just 60 vendors. Brands  like Avène, Bioderm, and L'Oréal Paris saw quick results, achieving a ROAS of  7.5x, 7x, and 7.9x, respectively. These brands also significantly increased their product impressions in relevant search terms, strengthening brand awareness and boosting sales.

"Topsort's a great partner and our brands love using Topsort for sponsored products. Brands are looking at the ROAS to evaluate the performance of products and it looks better than they could ever expect on Facebook ads" - Pauline Roumegoux Advertising at Atida France

In the first six months of launching, Atida vendors spent more than $170,000 on ads, generating over $800,000 in revenue. And this was less than 4% of their total vendors! This model shows that you do not need hundreds or thousands of vendors to start monetizing your marketplace traffic. 

Example of Atida’s Sponsored Products

A path to grow: 15% Ad Revenue Growth MoM

Atida’s ad business has seen 15% MoMA Ad revenue growth, reaching $2.6 M in Ad Revenue since it started.

Atida’s platform is expanding globally, and their ad business is growing substantially. Advertisers love working with Atida because of their strong brand presence and total brand safety. Advertisers are able to trust Atida’s ads and, because they have been tangible results and also provided with AI technology & machine learning that ensures their campaigns are high performing. 

A Solution Provider A Partner Who Understands Atida's Business 

Since their initial launch in France, Atida is now planning to expand to other markets using Topsort's Self-Service Payments feature. Currently, they manage all sponsored listings campaigns centrally, but they plan to allow self-service campaigns for advertisers seeking more control over their ads. Always on the cutting edge of new features and tools, Atida's expansion into retail media is inevitable in the rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Atida's continued increases in GMV and significant milestones toward profitability are accelerated by their partnership with Topsort, providing advertiser revenue in addition to their existing platform revenue stream. They attribute their rising GMV not only to their e-commerce expansion but also to the development of their advertising model.

Over the past two years, we’ve worked closely with the Atida team to help them maximize their native media platform. From ad sales training to vendor support and campaign optimization, we've offered our full expertise in building and running auction-based ads to their in-house team and sellers.

We don’t just provide solutions; we act as partners who understand your business and work with you to grow it. Read more about building an ad platform with Topsort or get in touch with us today.