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Daki, Brazil’s Top Delivery App, Leverages Topsort's Sponsored Listings to Drive Profitability

Topsort's AI-driven API tools empowers Daki with auction-based sponsored listings, offering their CPG partners an intuitive and high-performing way to promote their products, while driving exceptional ad revenue growth.


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Before Topsort: The need for an auction-algorithm to power Sponsored Listings

DAKI, known as JOKR outside Brazil, is  the leading instant grocery delivery service operating across Brazil's major cities. The company is renowned for its promise of delivering exactly “what customers want, when they want it”..

Founded in 2021, Daki started building a retail media strategy early in its founding journey. "Retail media and ad spend are fundamental pillars to build a great partner experience and support our profitability from the start," explained Ben Bauer, CCO of Daki

In 2022, the online supermarket wanted a sponsored product solution to complement their existing banner ad revenue, so they turned to Topsort given  its expertise in auction-based advertising at scale.

Sven Grajetzki, CTO of JOKR/Daki explained further:

“We were looking for an auction technology provider that would sit on top of our existing advanced recommendation algorithms. We had already invested considerable resources in leveraging our data to provide users with highly relevant product suggestions, and were looking for a highly-versatile, plug-and-play platform that would allow us to build a Sponsored Listings business on top of this. Topsort ticked all the boxes”.

The Topsort way: Easy Integration and Collaboration

Topsort and Daki’s engineering teams worked closely together to integrate Sponsored Listings in just a few weeks.  Thanks to Topsort’s straightforward APIs, Sponsored Listings were live in key locations throughout the app with minimal effort. 

Toport experts collaborated closely with Daki, setting up regular training sessions and closely monitoring metrics over the past few months.  This close support allowed Daki and Topsort to together create a comprehensive onboarding strategy for advertisers.

‘Topsort has always been by our side to help us with technical issues or to support us with Go-To-Market strategies. They are easy to get in touch with and listen to our needs and requirements’, according to Ben Bauer.

Topsort Magic: Rapid Scaling of Daki Sponsored Listings

The transparency and intuitiveness of Topsort’s auction-based technology and AI-first Infrastructure enabled Daki to dramatically scale its revenue from Sponsored listings. Daki now has more than  100 brands actively using the Topsort platform, with Ad Spend growing steadily MoM.

Self-service & Manage-service Dashboards 

A key benefit of Topsort for Daki has been the ability for CPG brands to either use Topsort’s Self-Service dashboards (where CPGs can log in and administer campaigns themselves), or for CPG brands to be managed by the Daki team themselves (so-called ‘Managed Service). Daki found that some CPGs wanted to log in and have full control over their campaigns, whereas others wanted to just pay a fixed amount each month and receive results from their account manager.

Bidless™️ Campaigns: Autobidding 

With Topsort’s advanced Autobidding algorithm, it has never been easier to run fair campaigns for Daki’s CPG brands, or offer them to run their own campaigns and let the algorithm optimize all automatically. 

Topsort’s Auto-bidding algorithm allows ads to show at the right place and time, making Daki CPG partner’s only pay when the magic of a click occurs. As we say in Topsort —Higher ROAS  = Happy Sellers.

Curious  about Topsort’s Auto-bidding? Explore more here.

Examples of Daki’s Topsort integration

Ad Spend continues to grow as CPGs take to the platform

“We have received very positive feedback on Topsort’s product from our CPG partners. CPGs like Topsort’s clean, easy-to-use interface and the focus on ROAS above all else, and Topsort offers all of the above ’, according to Ben Bauer.

Want to learn more about how Topsort’s advanced auction technology can grow your retail business’ bottom line? Read more about building an ad platform with Topsort or get in touch with us today.