Bid pricing is hard… At scale, it's really hard!Let autobidding and second price auctions set optimal bid prices that get your advertisers their performance goals.

Secret to Long-tail

75% of the vendors prefer autobidding to manual bidding.

Dynamically Adjust Bids

On the dashboard, just specify products to promote, a budget, and time frame and turn on autobidding.

Set ROAS Target

Autobidding dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save you time and money.

Stress-free Advertising

Advertisers get a hassle-free experience and vendors seehigh returns!

From Rigorous Research

“Instead of asking the advertisers for fine-grained bids on potential keywords, auto-bidding products solicit high-level objectives and constraints”

Towards Efficient Auctions in an Auto-bidding WorldYuan Deng, Jieming Mao, Vahab Mirrokni, Song Zuo

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How it Works

Before Autobidding
All users need to manually set bids, for each product, that takes a lot of time and can cause missing targets.
With Autobidding
Our algorithm takes preferences for ROAS targets on both marketplace and advertiser level.
Optimized for Performace
Dynamic Adjustements