AI-Managed Campaigns. Introducing Autobidding.

Requiring even greater time investment.

Focus on What Matters: ROAS/AcoS, and let Topsort Find the Right CPC Automatically.


If you don't need our dashboards and campaign management, you can just integrate our next-generation AI/ML auction algorithms into your existing ad architecture as a standalone product.

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Retailers today are more sophisticated than ever. Tech isn’t a side part of the retail business, its an an ambitious retail business built on ambitious technology.

Bidless™ campaigns powered by Autobidding

Built from the ground up using a first-principle approach, we simplify the process of setting bid prices for advertisers.

Our system optimally enters advertisers into auctions where they’ll see the best results. The algorithm then places bids automatically based on specific market conditions and the advertiser’s budget and ROAS targets.

This means great results for your advertisers with minimal effort on their part.



The numbers speak for themselves

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Powering relevant ads for your customers

Topsort's autobidding engine is constantly learning and adapting. It will show ads at the right moment when customers are most likely to convert. This means relevant ads for your customers and better results for your advertisers.

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