Bid pricing is hard… At scale, it's really hard!
Let autobidding and second price auctions set optimal bid prices that get your advertisers their performance goals.

Secret to Long-tail Adoption

75% of the vendors prefer autobidding to manual bidding.

Dynamically Adjust Bids

On the dashboard, just specify products to promote, a budget, and time frame and turn on autobidding.

Set ROAS Target

Autobidding dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save you time and money.

Stress-free Advertising

Advertisers get a hassle-free experience and vendors seehigh returns!

From Rigorous Research

“Instead of asking the advertisers for fine-grained bids on potential keywords, auto-bidding products solicit high-level objectives and constraints”

Towards Efficient Auctions in an Auto-bidding World Yuan Deng, Jieming Mao, Vahab Mirrokni, Song Zuo
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How it Works

Before Autobidding
All users need to manually set bids, for each product, that takes a lot of time and can cause missing targets.

With Autobidding
Our algorithm takes preferences for ROAS targets on both marketplace and advertiser level.

Optimized for Performace
Dynamic Adjustements
Autobidding, Auctions, and Automatic Growth
“70% of Google’s advertisers use autobidding. 80% of Pinterest’s cost-per-click revenue comes from autobidded campaigns. What is autobidding, and why has it become so popular?”

Read this blog post from our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Michael Ostrovsky to learn more!
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