Custom Build
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Don’t settle for less than great! Build with a custom ad serving system with monetization infra that works exactly as you need. Topsort’s powerful APIs and tools are designed to help you monetize better while delighting your users. Start with our ready-made Native Media Solution, build your own platform using powerful APIs, or boost your in-house solution with our world-class complementary tools.

Build Your Own

Want to just launch with an API-first approach?

Your Ad Monetization

Topsort API

Topsort’s flexible and mighty API stack allows you to build your own ad server or integrate with in-house tech stack,


Events is the endpoint where your promoted impressions and clicks are passed through. With this we’re able to calculate the effectiveness of the advertising from Click-through rates to Return on Ad Spend.


Our autobidding algorithm dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save your advertisers time and money.

Post Call

This is the single most important API that captures the magic of Topsort’s infrastructure. With just 2 endpoints and 1 post call, you can quickly start testing and launching the monetization solution of your own.

Billing API

Want to manage billing programmatically? Have an international marketplace that uses different currencies? Billing API allows you to build flexible and reliable billing solutions on both marketplace and vendor levels.

Campaign API

Want to plug in an auction-based solutions or want to integrate autobidding campaigns with manual campaigns? Campaign API gives you full scale flexibility with each and every campaign.

Catalog API

What if you have a giant catalog and constantly moving inventory so real-time catalog syncing becomes critical?

Reporting API

An all-in-one campaign metrics API. With Reporting API, you can get both daily and aggregated data for your marketplace or per vendor, campaign, and product between the dates you pick.

Built on the most cutting edge Research and Industry Practice

We worked hard to build the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use APIs and SDKs and extensive documentation so your teams don’t need to agonize over figuring out how to integrate this world-class infra into your systems. Our integration is fun and ranges from days to weeks, when it comes to kickstarting your new business opportunities.

2 Endpoints + 1 Post Call
Cookies independent
8ms at TP95
Real time developer logs
SOC2 compliant
Event driven in Kafka