JOKR and Topsort: Revolutionizing Monetization in the Grocery Delivery Industry

October 25, 2022
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Aiming to reach 10% of the total value of the company’s transactions, grocery delivery app JOKR doubles down on retail media as a new means of monetization.

Discover the groundbreaking collaboration between JOKR, the ambitious grocery delivery app, and Topsort, the only AI-driven retail media platform. Through their partnership, JOKR has embraced retail media as a key driver of profitability, aiming to achieve an astounding 10% of total transaction value through advertising.

Pioneering Profitability in a Challenging Landscape

In an era where profitability reigns supreme, JOKR has taken the reins by leveraging the power of retail media. Teaming up with Topsort, JOKR has seamlessly integrated an auction-based advertising infrastructure into their platform. This strategic move has attracted the attention of major CPG brands, including Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Bimbo, as they seek to tap into the immense potential of this partnership.

Driven by their ambitious vision for global growth, JOKR's CEO, Ralf Wenzel, anticipates advertising to contribute a remarkable 10% of the company's total transaction value. Prepare to witness a paradigm shift in the industry as JOKR redefines the boundaries of monetization.

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Profitability

Amidst the ever-evolving business landscape, JOKR recognized the need to adapt and seek innovative monetization opportunities. In a post-pandemic era, venture capital funding has become more discerning, with investors prioritizing profitability over mere growth. Faced with this challenge, JOKR turned to native advertising as a means to secure their financial future.

Unveiling JOKR Media with Topsort

Imagine a seamless integration that combines JOKR's global grocery delivery platform with Topsort's cutting-edge AI auction-based advertising solutions. This visionary collaboration gave birth to JOKR Media—an innovative addition to the platform. Empowered by Topsort's sophisticated technology, JOKR now offers auction-based advertising solutions to brands, featuring a user-friendly campaign management dashboard equipped with advanced features such as autobidding, self-pacing, and real-time reporting.

Results: A Promising Path to Monetization

In their initial rollout, JOKR strategically focused on securing partnerships with major CPG brands across Latin America. The results were remarkable, with over 90 active campaigns for more than 40 brands in Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. Partnering with industry giants like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and SCJohnson, JOKR witnessed exceptional return on ad spend (ROAS) ratios of up to 12x.

The company's ad revenue is projected to reach an impressive 15% of their gross merchandise value in the coming years. As partner brands increasingly allocate their budgets to JOKR Media, the platform solidifies its position as the solution for advertising in a post-cookie world.

Scaling and Empowering Small Vendors

JOKR's future holds promising prospects for growth and expansion. Their next phase focuses on scaling vendor adoption, with Topsort's self-service campaign management dashboard at the forefront. Through workshops and webinars, JOKR will empower smaller brands, enabling them to achieve their business objectives, whether it be increased conversion rates or enhanced brand awareness through sponsored listings and banner ads. With Topsort's unwavering support and a team of expert account managers, JOKR is poised to extend its reach to new markets, including Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

Join the Monetization Revolution

Seize the opportunity to transform your delivery app's profitability. With Topsort's API-first approach, you can seamlessly integrate a top-notch ad server solution within weeks, not months. Our seasoned ad experts are ready to guide you towards unlocking the full potential of retail media. Don't hesitate—reach out to us today and embark on your monetization journey with confidence. Together, we'll shape the future of advertising in the grocery delivery industry. Let success be your destination—take the first step now!

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