Brazilian Social Commerce App Boosts Ad Spend by 50% with Topsort's Auto-Bidding Feature


A leading Brazilian social commerce platform, renowned for offering quality products at unbeatable prices through community group buying, identified a golden opportunity to monetize their ad inventory. With a rapidly growing user base, including 20,000 sellers, 7 million monthly deliveries, and 17.5 million downloads, they needed a robust and intuitive ad solution that could be quickly implemented and scaled efficiently. Key requirements included self-service capabilities and ease of use, allowing thousands of vendors to manage their ads without extensive technical expertise.

They chose Topsort’s auction-based monetization infrastructure to meet their needs. In just three weeks, Topsort integrated its native media platform into their system, providing a comprehensive training to 4,000 sellers and account managers, ensuring a smooth transition and effective campaign management.

The Retail Media Journey: From Onboarding to Optimization

With Topsort’s support, Facily hosted sales training webinars to educate vendors on creating and managing sponsored listing campaigns. The intuitive UI made it easy for sellers, even those new to ad campaigns, to get started.

Facily’s campaign performance tracking scaled effectively with Topsort’s analytical tools. Topsort’s data scientists and account managers reviewed Facily’s data collection methods and proposed improvements to enhance attribution models, further boosting conversion rates.

Facily's partnership with Topsort demonstrates the transformative power of a well-integrated, auction-based native advertising platform. Ad campaigns often seem complex and daunting, but Topsort simplifies the process. With our intuitive self-service tools and advanced features like autobidding, vendors can launch successful ad campaigns without needing a degree in economics. It’s as easy as selecting products, setting bid prices, and defining the campaign duration and budget.

This streamlined approach works on any scale. Facily activated and managed 4,000 new advertisers in just five months, showcasing the platform’s scalability and efficiency. As more vendors join, the potential for growth is immense. We’re excited to watch this LATAM unicorn expand its reach and see its SMEs flourish through auction-based advertising.

By simplifying ad management and leveraging sophisticated tools, Topsort has empowered Facily’s vendors to achieve significant success, leading to increased ad revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Key Results:

  1. Rapid Onboarding and Adoption:some text
    • Facily onboarded 4,000 sellers to Topsort’s self-service dashboard.
    • Monthly self-service users increased by 5x within five months.
  2. Impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):some text
    • Sellers experienced up to 4x ROAS.
    • Ad spend increased by 50% in just one month.
  3. Autobidding: A Game-Changer:some text
    • Topsort’s autobidding algorithm dynamically adjusted bids, saving vendors time and money.
    • Initial average ROAS of 2.32x jumped to 10.10x by the end of September 2022.
  4. Enhanced Campaign Performance:some text
    • Conversion rates doubled from 2.53% to 5.28% between July and September 2022, reaching above 10% by October.
    • Topsort’s data visualization tools provided insights into specific sellers’ performance, enabling Facily to recommend strategies that maximized ad spend efficiency.

Launch Your Own Auction-Based Native Advertising Platform

Are you running an open marketplace and finding existing ad platforms insufficient for your unique needs? Topsort’s flexible and scalable solutions can be customized to fit your requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to help you achieve advertising success. Contact us today to learn more!