Sponsored Brands: Boost Brand Awareness and Product Discovery

Product Updates

We are thrilled to unveil a dynamic new ad format at Topsort: Sponsored Brands. This advertising approach is designed to boost brand awareness and product discovery, enhancing the shopper experience and engagement.

Why do Sponsored Brands matter?

Sponsored Brands represent a strategic evolution in digital advertising, seamlessly integrating with existing Retail Media Networks and aligning with current market trends. By serving as a mid-funnel solution, these ads effectively bridge the gap between more traditional Sponsored Listings and Banner Ads, ensuring that your brand and products capture the attention of shoppers at a critical point in their purchasing journey.

Key Benefits of Sponsored Brands

  • Premium Placement Opportunities: Marketplaces can now offer prime advertising spots to brands, enhancing the visibility of their products.
  • Enhanced Campaign Flexibility: Advertisers will enjoy the freedom to tailor their campaigns specifically to their brand needs.
  • Elevated Brand Engagement: Brands can leverage our tools to significantly boost their visibility and interact more effectively with potential customers.

How Sponsored Brands Work?

Sponsored Brands are prominently displayed in high-traffic areas, including top search results and product detail pages on both desktop and mobile.This format blends brand logos, creative images, and selected products, offering an engaging and interactive advertising experience.

Creating a Sponsored Brands Campaign

Setting up a Sponsored Brands campaign on Topsort is straightforward:

  1. Upload a Brand Logo: Start by uploading your brand logo to anchor your campaign.
  2. Design Creative Elements: Craft visually appealing creative elements that represent your brand.
  3. Craft a Compelling Headline: Write a headline that captures the essence of your brand and appeals to your target audience.
  4. Select Featured Products: Choose which products to highlight within your campaign.
  5. Choose a Bidless Strategy: Implement a bidding strategy that maximizes your campaign’s reach and effectiveness.
  6. Set Budget and Launch: Finalize your budget settings and launch your campaign.

Campaigns can be initiated through our user-friendly Sponsored Brands API endpoint, ensuring a smooth integration and operational flow.

Sponsored Brands by Topsort are more than just ads; they are a powerful tool for brands looking to enhance their market presence and connect more deeply with their customers. With flexible customization, strategic placement, and interactive elements, Sponsored Brands are set to transform how shoppers interact with your products and brand on our platform.

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