Discover Transparent and Precise Advertising with Topsort’s Halo Attribution

Product Updates

At Topsort, we're reshaping the retail media landscape with AI-driven solutions that provide unparalleled transparency and reliability to our retailers and marketplaces. As brands seek more robust data-driven measures to allocate their media spend confidently, the need for precise attribution has never been more critical. Accurate attribution is essential for calculating returns on ad spend (ROAS) and understanding incrementality, ensuring that every marketing dollar is spent wisely.

Why Attribution Matters?

Attribution is about pinpointing the specific actions or events that lead to a sale or desired outcome. It bridges the gap between the advertisements customers view and their buying decisions. Traditionally, methods like Click Attribution have been popular for their ability to directly connect an ad click to a purchase within a typical 14-day window. This method is straightforward and effective for direct response campaigns. Others like Impression Attribution expands this view to include the influence of ads that are seen but not clicked, which is crucial for understanding the impact of visibility on consumer behavior. 

However, while valuable, traditional models like click and impression attribution can sometimes miss the wider effects of an advertising campaign. That's where Topsort's Halo Attribution comes in. 

At Topsort, attribution is not just a feature; it's a foundational element of our platform architecture and API design, reflecting our commitment to accuracy and detail. That’s why we've been working to develop a new model for attribution that can give our customers wider clarity of their advertising efforts. Our Halo Attribution model is designed to extend beyond traditional metrics, capturing not only direct responses but also the broader, indirect effects that ads have on consumer behavior and overall brand engagement.

Introducing Halo Attribution: A Game-Changer in Advertising Accuracy

Topsort’s Halo Attribution model doesn't just track direct interactions; it captures the broader, often subtle influences that ads have on consumer behavior:

  • Brand Influence: Ads can enhance brand recall and affinity, even if the immediate response doesn’t lead to a purchase. This can encourage consumers to choose other products from the same brand, influenced by the initial ad exposure.
  • Seller Impact in Marketplaces: An ad for one product can lead shoppers to browse through a seller’s entire range, potentially increasing overall sales. This effect is vital for marketplace sellers looking to maximize their presence.

Halo Attribution offers a more holistic view of how ads boost brand engagement and drive sales in your platform. It satisfies the need for flexibility in attribution, catering to both brand and location-based insights. This model empowers advertisers with the clarity needed for informed decision-making, helping to pinpoint exactly which products benefit from ad spend

By integrating Halo Attribution, Topsort is setting new standards for success in digital advertising. This model enhances the accuracy of campaign evaluations and uncovers significant yet understated impacts of ads on shopping behavior and overall sales dynamics.

Step Into the Future with Topsort

With Topsort, embrace a future where every advertisement's influence is thoroughly recognized, driving smarter strategic decisions and maximizing campaign effectiveness. Our Halo Attribution model ensures that advertisers and marketers can leverage a powerful tool that enhances visibility into the true performance of their campaigns, setting a new benchmark for accountability and growth in retail media.

Embrace the future of retail media with Topsort, where every ad's influence is fully recognized, enhancing strategic decisions and maximizing campaign effectiveness. Want to try? Book a call with our sales team!