Topsort and Moloco Partner to Enhance Retail Media with Exclusive Machine Learning


Topsort Forms Strategic Partnership With Moloco to be the Exclusive Machine Learning Engine that Powers Topsort’s Retail Media Infrastructure

This partnership includes a financial investment from Moloco into Topsort’s the previously announced Series A led by Upload Ventures, plus integration of Moloco Commerce Media’s machine learning technology into Topsort’s global retail media infrastructure

At Topsort, our mission has always been to transform the retail media landscape with clean advertising technology and democratize the exclusive monetization technology from Silicon Valley tech giants into simple-to-use tools and APIs.

Today, we are excited to announce this partnership with Moloco, as Moloco enables Topsort to provide the best-in-class monetization technology combined with the exclusive machine learning engine from Moloco. This partnership also includes an investment from Moloco into Topsort's previously announced Series A round led by Upload Ventures. By pairing Moloco's advanced ML and personalization capabilities with Topsort's unique auction-based algorithm and simple user interface, the two companies will aim to optimize ad personalization, enhance customer experience while exceeding the expectations of advertisers, and create a better revenue lift on ad spend. The combination of the two technologies will also enable higher click-through rates (CTR), optimized budget utilization for existing ad spend, and a seamless customer journey free of disruption.

“Moloco’s retail media platform utilizes sophisticated deep learning and transformer models to predict user behavior, serve relevant ads, and produce strong ROI for advertisers,” said Brandon Maultasch, CFO, Moloco. “We’re excited to continue our momentum by supporting Topsort and Topsort's customers with our advanced ML capabilities.”

Moreover, customers will now be able to increase ad load without sacrificing performance, thanks to the advanced capabilities integrated into Topsort’s platform, the fastest API-first offering of its kind in the market.

"Our new technology means two big things for retailers: first, they will now have world-class technology to make the most of their customer data. Second, they can now recommend products just like Amazon does, which many retailers couldn’t do before,” said Francisco Larrain, CTO and Co-Founder of Topsort. “We’re here to level the playing field and make advanced technology accessible to all retailers, helping them improve their customer experience and boost their sales."

Ready to Elevate Your Retail Media Game?

This partnership underscores our commitment to transforming retail media with clean, accessible technology, creating more value for our customers. Chat with our sales team today and discover how Topsort's top-notch technology can power your business to be at the fore front of retail media.


Topsort is the leading AI and Auction-based retail media infrastructure transforming retailers and marketplaces into top ad networks on par with industry giants. Through seamless integration, Topsort provides a comprehensive Bidless retail media tech stack featuring highly flexible API tools, an industry-leading privacy-safe clean room with robust online and in-store attribution, and a transparent ad network for streamlined media buying across multiple ad networks. 

In just three years since launch, Topsort has raised $38 million in funding from investors like Pear Ventures, Quiet Capital, FJ Labs, and Upload Ventures. This capital fuels Topsort's mission to lead the transition to cookie-less advertising. Topsort's innovative solutions are trusted by global brands like Poshmark, Cencosud, Unilever, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, General Mills, Falabella, Glovo (Delivery Hero), Atida, Phillips, and many more marketplaces, retailers, and advertisers.