This round is on us! Alcohol marketplace succeeds retail media expectations in just 15 days!

May 12, 2022

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Alcohol Marketplace
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Integration time

10 days



Conversion rate

Liquidos: 15 days, 8.4% conversion rate and a shot of tequila

“We’re extremely impressed with the results that we’ve seen so far. Topsort has been extremely fast with the overall process, ensuring that all of our needs are met and showcasing how much they really care about our future growth. With the results we’ve seen so far, we’re certain that our new retail media solution will help us scale faster this year!”

Paul Wijnant, Omnichannel Leader at Liquidos


It’s a hot summer day at the beach on the Chilean coast, you watch the waves, you hear the music of the group of salsa dancers, you feel the sand but, you’re missing something… the taste of a fresh drink…Cue our new partner Liquidos.

This LATAM-based alcohol marketplace has 50 physical stores and a huge online range stocking over 200 products including 50+ leading brands such as Aperol to Budweiser to Hendricks and just about everything in between.

With US online alcohol sales increasing 262% year on year throughout the pandemic and high site volumes, retail media was like the salt to a shot of tequilla…. enhancing… and leaves you wanting more. Before ramping out retail media to every vendor across the site, it was decided to run a test period to assess the interest and possibility of success.

The Integration

With a busy pipeline, lots of site traffic and various other integrations, integration simplicity was key for Liquidos. Consisting of basic API integration, from start to finish, the process took just less than 10 days to complete. With just 1 engineer from Liquidos and 1 from Topsort, the integration was fast, easy, and well-communicated via Slack.

"Super straightforward partnership with Topsort in terms of integration and engineering. Topsort provided very clear documentation and 24/7 support throughout, strong relationship. Happy to see where the development leads!"
- Cristian Hernandez, Tubesoft Sortware Engineer.

The Results

To be precise, in a 15-day testing period, vendors across the Liquidos site reached conversion rates of 8.4%... cheers to that!

Until partnering with Topsort, Liquidos had never run ads before, with many of their vendors new to promoting their products in an online setting.

Industry Acceleration

The alcohol advertising industry is expected to reach the $6 billion mark by the end of next year, and it certainly won’t only be down to the huge players in the industry. The rise of smaller, local, ambitious marketplaces across the world that are ready to embrace new revenue streams is increasing daily. Cross the Atlantic to meet Drink Supermarket, a UK-based partner of ours, who similarly have seen the “gold mine” of retail media.

The technology is no longer exclusive to marketplaces with 100+ engineers, simply to marketplaces ready to thrive in a cookieless world.