This round is on us! Alcohol marketplace succeeds retail media expectations in just 15 days!

May 12, 2022
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Integration time

10 days



Conversion rate


Liquidos: 15 days, 8.4% conversion rate and a shot of tequila

Picture yourself on a scorching summer day, basking in the sun on the Chilean coast. The rhythmic beats of salsa dancers fill the air, and the sand tickles your toes. But something is missing—the taste of a refreshing drink. Enter our incredible partner, Liquidos.
Liquidos is a Latin American-based alcohol marketplace, boasting 50 physical stores and an extensive online range of over 200 products, including iconic brands like Aperol, Budweiser, and Hendricks. As online alcohol sales soared by a staggering 262% during the pandemic, Liquidos recognized the immense potential of retail media to enhance their customer experience and drive growth.

Integration: Simplicity and Speed

With a bustling pipeline, substantial site traffic, and multiple integrations to consider, Liquidos prioritized simplicity when partnering with Topsort. Through a seamless API integration process, completed in less than 10 days, Liquidos effortlessly joined forces with Topsort. With just one engineer from Liquidos and one from Topsort, the integration was swift, seamless, and facilitated through clear communication on Slack.

Impressive Results: Cheers to Conversion Rates!

During a 15-day testing period, Liquidos witnessed a staggering 8.4% conversion rate among vendors across their site. Cheers to that!

Before partnering with Topsort, Liquidos had never ventured into running ads, and many of their vendors were new to promoting their products in an online setting. The exceptional conversion rates achieved during the testing phase marked a remarkable milestone for Liquidos and showcased the immense potential of retail media for their marketplace.

Industry Acceleration: The Rise of Ambitious Marketplaces

The alcohol advertising industry is projected to reach a whopping $6 billion by the end of next year, and it's not just the major players driving this growth. Ambitious and nimble marketplaces around the world are seizing the opportunity to embrace new revenue streams. Take a journey across the Atlantic and meet our UK-based partner, Drink Supermarket, who also discovered the "gold mine" of retail media.

This technology is no longer exclusive to marketplaces with extensive engineering teams—it's available to any marketplace poised to thrive in a cookieless world.

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