B2B Marketplace App Chiper Monetizes with Auction-based Sponsored Listings with Top CPG Brands

December 2, 2022
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Empowering Corner Stores and Revolutionizing B2B eCommerce

Welcome to the world of Chiper, the leading Colombian B2B eCommerce platform that is transforming the way corner stores operate. In fact, they introduce themselves “like Amazon, but for corner shops”. With their extensive product catalog featuring big CPG brands like Mars, P&G, Diageo, Aldor, Kimberly-Clark, Mondelez, and more, Chiper has become the go-to destination for corner store owners in Latin America. But they faced a challenge when it came to monetizing their platform through effective advertising.

Monetization and Advertising Strategy

Chiper realized the need to optimize their revenue model and provide CPG brands with a powerful advertising tool to boost their marketing efforts. They wanted to leverage auction-based media advertisements to reach thousands of corner stores and drive brand adoption. However, they lacked the necessary infrastructure and technology to make this vision a reality.

A Game-Changing Platform

Enter Topsort, the marketplace monetization infrastructure provider. Chiper partnered with Topsort to harness their AI and ML-based technology and unlock the full potential of their advertising strategy. With Topsort's global deep insights and privacy-first approach, Chiper could make data-driven decisions, deliver personalized ad experiences, and ensure user privacy.

The Results: A Resounding Success

As Chiper strategically scaled up its new monetization platform in Latin America, major CPG brands such as Mars, P&G, Diageo, Aldor, Kimberly-Clark, Mondelez, Pernod Ricard, and others started to reap the rewards of a seamless and unparalleled advertising experience. The average return on ad spend (ROAS) started high, ranging between 5-8x across various stages of the customer journey, including search, category pages, checkout, and landing pages.

The intense competition among brands vying for premium advertising spots has had an interesting impact on the average cost per click (CPC). With more brands investing in Chiper ads, the initial CPC of $0.25 skyrocketed more than fourfold within a mere two months, surpassing the $1 mark. In just a few weeks, the CPC surged to an impressive $4, indicating the immense value and effectiveness of Chiper's auction-based advertising platform.

These remarkable results validate the power of Topsort's marketplace monetization infrastructure and highlight Chiper's ability to deliver exceptional ROI to its advertising partners. The combination of Chiper's unique B2B marketplace dynamics and Topsort's data-driven solutions has created an advertising ecosystem where both brands and corner stores thrive.

The future holds tremendous potential as Chiper continues to expand its ad inventory and extend its Topsort-powered platform to new markets across Latin America. The success achieved so far paves the way for continued growth, innovation, and groundbreaking opportunities in the world of B2B eCommerce advertising.

Scaling Up and Expanding

Buoyed by their initial success, Chiper has big plans for the future. They intend to expand their ad inventory and extend the Topsort-powered platform to other markets in Latin America. By further embracing auction-based ads as a core revenue stream, Chiper aims to solidify its position as the leading B2B eCommerce platform for corner stores. The future looks bright, filled with new opportunities and exciting growth.

Join the Auction-Based Monetization Journey

Are you a B2B marketplace looking to monetize your platform effectively? Just like Chiper, you can embark on your own auction-based monetization journey. Partner with Topsort and tap into their game-changing technology to enhance your advertising strategy, optimize revenue, and deliver exceptional results. Take the next step and get in touch with Topsort today!

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