Ads 101: Why are ugly ads so irrelevant?

molly @ topsort

October 26, 2023
Retail Media

Why good ads are so important?

Here you can see examples of "ugly" ads. These firstly confuse users, they don't have high conversion rates and most importantly, they take customers off the site onto a third-party site! These ads literally cannibalize their own customers. See how they take a user's attention away from the product listings, get in the way, and lessen the user experience.

Now, compare that to Topsort-powered ads, which ENHANCE the user experience, and only show products directly related to what they already were looking at. Nothing creepy or intrusive. Our ads thread through the existing product listings as "sponsored" - they look clean, and subtle and act as good suggestions to users. Where we run banner ads, they're in relevant locations at relevant times (with native vendors so customers or redirected to a new page within the marketplace).

Interesting right! And, no surprise, our ads have much higher conversion rates than random ugly, intrusive ads.

Here’s the main differences between these old/ugly ads vs new/relevant ads:

Old ads (ads 1.0)

  • use keywords & need to take a course to understand
  • pop up in random locations across the site, often linked to third parties, confusing, unrelated to what users are searching for
  • retailers need to manually handle the vendors and decide how much to change ads

New olds (ads 2.0)

  • 100% auction-based, ads are priced by AI and machine learning to optimize ROI for retailers and brands
  • Only appear in hyper-relevant locations where users were already searching, ads 2.0 are based or your product catalog per category & search, with no stored user data and no cookies
  • Retailers spend their time and resources on new ventures, new markets and growth with much less time spent on the ad business

If you have ads 1.0… it’s definitely the time to switch over… because all of your competitors have done already.

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