Sodimac's South American scaling success

June 8, 2023
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Hitting the ceiling of fixed priced ads? See how Sodimac moved over to an auction based model...

Sodimac Homecenter, a renowned chain of home improvement stores across Latin America, faced a daunting challenge in their in-platform advertising strategy. Their existing fixed-price ad model was holding them back from achieving the scalability and results they desired. Manual efforts were required for campaign management, optimization, and reporting, leading to inefficiencies and limited growth potential. Sodimac had a bold vision, to revolutionize their ad business, provide transparency to sellers, and unleash unparalleled success.

Topsort's Innovative Technology Revolutionizes Sodimac's Ad Business

In their quest for greatness, Sodimac discovered a kindred spirit in Topsort, an innovative powerhouse specializing in launching, scaling, and optimizing ad businesses with unrivalled technology. Sounds like a match made in heaven? Topsort swiftly delivered the required features, seamlessly integrating their cutting-edge platform into Sodimac's ecosystem. The implementation process was a mere blink of an eye, taking only 2-3 weeks to set the wheels in motion. Sodimac chose the Full Media Platform option, empowering both their marketplace and vendors with powerful dashboards. But it wasn't just technology that fuelled this transformation. Sodimac's internal team spearheaded on an exciting journey of learning and growth. Topsort's savvy experts trained them  the art of launching an auction-based ad platform, mastering ad sales, and onboarding vendors with finesse.The combination of cutting-edge technology and the guidance of experienced Topsorters resulted in blazing guns.

Sodimac's Ad Spend Soars to New Heights

The impact of this partnership was a tech explosion of awesomeness! Within four weeks  Sodimac's ad spend skyrocketed by an awe-inspiring 724%. The sellers rejoiced as the new auction model optimized their spending, delivering unprecedented results. Brands such as Challenger S.A.S, Samsung Electronics Colombia and RTA Design S.A.S saw an exponential growth with plummeting ROAS like 9.3x, 8.6x and 9.9x respectively. The secret? High relevance and dynamic ad placements that ensured their ads appeared in the right places at precisely the right moment. No longer bound by static placements, sellers paid only when the magic of a click occurred. Vendors hailed it as a game-changer as it amplified their satisfaction and propelled their businesses to new heights.

Scale, scale, scale

Moving away from its fixed-price model to Topsort's dynamic auction based advertising Sodimac set blazing trail towards success. The scalability and transparency unlocked a world of opportunities for growth, unleashing the full potential of their ad business. But the audacity didn't stop there. Sodimac sought to empower their sellers even further, granting them the freedom to create their own campaigns through a self-service approach. The collaboration with Topsort has become a testament to the power of continuous improvement, with ongoing product enhancements and custom feature development tailored to Sodimac's ever-evolving needs.

Wait, there’s more!

Sodimac's passion for innovation and commitment to excellence ensures that there are no limits to their ad business's potential. They continue to embrace the dynamic landscape of advertising, driven by Topsort's cutting-edge technology and unwavering support.

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