Real-Time Analytics

Every second counts when you’re advertising. Respond to campaign issues and changes immediately. Offer support and troubleshoot faster with real-time reporting!

image of a dashboard showing real time metrics

Real-time investment and return
makes all the

Topsort is fast too! Our real-time metrics are here to support you in this fast game.

screenshot of a dashboard showing real time metrics

Better Decisions

Real-time analytics empowers you to make informed decisions without the wait.

Faster Responses

Respond fast to issues and changes in your ad auction environment. Improve campaign performance.

Happier Advertisers

Vendors got you on a hotline with their campaign issues? Real-time reporting keeps you up-to-date to immdediately resolve issues.

How it Works

Before Real Time Analytics

The delay in impression, click or conversion reporting cause confusion for the vendors. Your admins work extra to troubleshoot whenever vendors require support.

After Real Time Analytics

All campaign metrics displayed on the dashboard in real time, for you and your vendors to see. No confusion, easier troubleshooting and support

image of a dashboard before real time metricsimage of a dashboard after real time metrics

Fast Response Times

At 8ms at 10,000 requests per second, our lightweight auction engine never slows down your page load.

Build Trust with Vendors

With democratized access to analytics, you and your vendors can easily assess performance and respond to issues as a team.

Privacy Centric

Leverage first-party data and ditch the cookies! We bring to you personalized advertising that respects your customer’s privacy concerns.

Better Experience for All

Personalized and strategic advertising connects with your customers, which guarantees high conversions. Keep vendors and customers happy!

Analytics-Only Access

Simplify reporting and save time by giving Analytics-only access to the self-service vendors. In Analytics view, your vendors can see the performance of the campaigns in
real-time, but can’t edit the campaigns.

analytics only access