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We are first-principle thinkers with 30+ years of experience creating online advertising auction platforms that have supercharged some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

“Ad auctions have evolved substantially in terms of their complexity and effectiveness. Topsort’s auction engine is designed from the ground up to incorporate the cutting-edge advances of this evolution while keeping the system simple for advertisers to use and for marketplaces to deploy, without sacrificing the effectiveness.”

Michael Ostrovsky

Cofounder and Chief Scientist at Topsort

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Cutting Edge
Statistics and Economics

Solutions brought you by a team of engineers, economists and machine learning, game theory and auction experts. We nerd out on the principles and performance of our solutions to give you a chance to monetize like the big tech

Francisco Larrain

Cofounder and CTO

Designed and built Groupon’s self-service platform, dynamic pricing system and advanced payments technology

Michael Ostrovsky

Cofounder and Chief Scientist

15+ years advising to develop auction-based advertising for Yahoo, Google, Linkedin, and Pinterest

Alexey Stysin

Data Science Lead

7+ years researching and developing the auction mechanism for Yandex
Search-based Advertising

Felipe Pérez

Data Scientist

6+ years researching
Probability Theory and applications to Real World Data, previously at Walmart

ACM Test of Time Award Paper

What is the second price auction? Read the paper that revolutionized internet advertising by our Cofounder Mike.

According to ACM, Mike’s paper “significantly impacted research or applications exemplifying the interplay of economics and computation.”

Diving Deeper in Auction Theory

Optimized Cost per Click in Taobao Display Advertising

A bid optimizing strategy which automatically adjusts the bid to achieve finer matching of bid and traffic quality of page view request granularity

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