Quality Scoring

How do you balance brands with deep pockets and small sellers that are just getting started with high quality offerings? Do the highest bidders always win? Quality score is another lever for marketplaces to optimize revenue but not sacrifice marketplace dynamics.

charts showing quality scoringscreenshot of Topsort dashboards showing quality scoring

Optimized for Ad Revenue while Growing Marketplace Vibrancy

With quality score, big brands and small sellers are both rewarded for good behaviors, relevant campaigns and amazing offerings. Your marketplace dynamics will only get better with quality score instead of “killing the golden goose” - the ecosystem you worked hard for.

Boutique Sellers

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International Brands

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Connect with
Your Customers

Customers engage with products they take interest in. Our algorithm receives that info and shows them products we predict they’ll click on.


Winning ads will generate more clicks and purchases, while increasing user engagement.

Increase Your CTR, and Fill Rate

Having a 30-40% CTR increases a product’s quality score. High quality means high rankings, which lets them win auctions.

Machine Learning that directly
Bottom Line

How often do you encounter softwares that claim to generate return but you cannot measure the uplift? Topsort was put to test against a legacy player in the market, and generated 5 times the ad revenue for the marketplace in the period of a month because of our relevance and quality score.

How Topsort 5x Linio’s revenue in 1 month using ML-based Quality Score

Linio is one of the most popular ecommerce marketplaces in Latin America, offering a wide variety of items from electronics to home goods to toys to clothing to perfume - over 4 million items in total. Early in 2021, Linio approached Topsort with an issue that they were facing.

How to Quality Score

Two ways, choose one or both!

Pass through API

Quality score is an optional field in Topsort’s auction API. Our data science team will help you calculate and customize.

Machine Learning Algorithm

Our learning algorithm also picks up patterns and explores the best possible outcome to protect your marketplace dynamics.

Quality Scores and Ad Auctions

“There's some interest in how and why "quality scores" are used in search engine ad auctions. In this post, we will try to describe "why" we use quality scores; a later post will go into "how," including more information about bids.”

Hal Varian, Chief Economist
Google Official Blog

From Rigorous Research

“Keyword auctions lie at the core of the business models of today’s leading search engines. Advertisers bid for place- ment alongside search results, and are charged for clicks on their ads.”

Revenue Analysis of a Family of Ranking Rules for Keyword Auctions - Sebastien Lahaie, David M. Pennock