Topsort's Game-Changing Technology Triumphs in A/B Test Against Criteo, Revolutionizing Ad Infrastructure for Linio

August 9, 2022
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Linio is one of the most popular eCommerce marketplaces in Latin America. Early in 2021, Linio approached Topsort with an issue that they were facing.

When Linio, one of Latin America's leading ecommerce marketplaces, encountered disappointing results with Criteo's legacy solution, they knew they needed a game-changing technology to revolutionize their ad infrastructure. Enter Topsort, an AI-driven auction-based media monetization platform that promised data-based decisions and superior performance.

Evaluating Topsort's Capabilities: A/B Test and Seamless Integration

To put Topsort to the test, Linio's Product team devised an A/B test, comparing Topsort directly with Criteo's solution. The Linio team carefully selected a diverse set of categories across different price ranges and conversion rates, including popular segments like Appliances, Phone accessories, Shoes, Kitchen, Vitamins, Perfume, and more. Each session's impressions were randomly assigned to either the Topsort bucket or the Criteo bucket.

To ensure a fair comparison, half of the customer traffic was directed to Criteo's legacy solution, while the remaining half experienced Topsort's technology. All other factors remained constant, with identical organic search results shown to customers. However, the sponsored listings results showcased a dramatic disparity. Topsort seamlessly integrated sponsored listings with organic results, eliminating any delay, while securing prominent placements in search results. This immediate enhancement in user experience set Topsort apart.

Data-Based Decisions and AI-Driven Auction: Topsort's Advantages

Topsort's strength lies in its data-driven approach. By leveraging session data and predictive modeling, Topsort's data science team continuously refined their algorithms to optimize ad quality scores and conversion rates. With Topsort, Linio was empowered to make data-based decisions, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.During the process, Linio faced a challenge in synchronizing out-of-stock products. With Criteo, sync files were the only means of communicating SKU availability, which proved limiting and led to delays on Linio's large-scale retail site. To overcome this, Topsort introduced the Catalog Service—a cutting-edge adapter and API-first approach that seamlessly synchronized the product catalog with the sponsored results.

Superior Performance: Topsort's Monetization Results

After approximately one month of Linio's A/B test, the results spoke for themselves—Topsort emerged as the clear winner. Across both countries and all relevant metrics, including click-through rate, conversion, and attributed sales, Topsort outperformed Criteo's legacy solution without ambiguity. In one country, Topsort achieved a click-through rate on selected ads that was more than double that of Criteo, while in the other country, Topsort surpassed Criteo by over 90%.

When it came to conversion rates, Topsort's superiority was striking. They achieved a remarkable 20% higher conversion rate than Criteo in one country and an impressive 80% higher in the other. Furthermore, during the latter half of the experiment, as Topsort leveraged Autobidding and Quality Score with abundant data, CPC and CTR performance soared to an astounding five times that of Criteo's Legacy Solution.

The combined impact of Topsort's sponsored listings, higher click-through and conversion rates, and superior monetization results was truly impressive. Based on the A/B test, Topsort's technology has the potential to generate five times the revenue for Linio compared to Criteo's Legacy Solution. Needless to say, Linio's business team was ecstatic about the outcome!

Driving Disruption in Ads: Topsort's Future Plans

With Topsort's strong performance and disruptive technology, Linio's business team was delighted. The revenue potential estimated to be five times that of Criteo's legacy solution opened new possibilities for growth. Linio's success story with Topsort serves as a testament to the power of disruptive ads and the future potential Topsort holds in the market; it’s disruptive technology showed its potential to transform the ad landscape.

Experience the Topsort Difference

If you're seeking a game-changing solution for your ad infrastructure, book a demo with Topsort today. Discover how their AI-driven technology and data-based decisions can revolutionize your monetization strategy and drive exceptional results. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the disruption in ads with Topsort.

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