Announcing Our Series A - Building A Privacy-First Clean Advertising Infrastructure

Regina, Francisco, and Mike

Topsort secures funding for a Post-Cookie World of Advertising

Today we are excited to announce a major milestone for Topsort - our series A funding round. This wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support from our customers, investors, and most importantly, our amazing team. We are incredibly grateful for their belief in our mission.

Our Mission - Clean Advertising in a Privacy-First World

From Day 1, Topsort has been on a mission to democratize modern advertising technologies. We saw the writing on the wall - a world without third-party cookies was coming, and we wanted to be prepared. Now, with the deprecation of cookies accelerating, Topsort is perfectly positioned to be the open, clean, and efficient “connective tissue’ for this new era of advertising.

Solving a Frustration We All Know:

Topsort was born out of a personal pain point. As an e-commerce vendor myself, I was frustrated by the lack of data and the exorbitant cost of traditional advertising platforms like Google and Meta. There had to be a better way to directly incentivize retailers and sell more products. That’s what sparked our deep dive into auction theory - the core engine of scalable advertising models based on automated bidding for sponsored listings and displays.

Building the Best Infrastructure: Speed, Efficiency, and Ease

Our vision from the start has been clear: to offer the absolute best auction-based ad infra. Over the past three years, we’ve delivered on that promise. We’ve built self-service tools, automated bidding management (bidless), a universal product catalog, and achieved sub-5ms latency (P95) by leveraging the power of machine learning, low computing abstractions and artificial intelligence. This translates to a seamless and scalable ad campaign experience for everyone involved.

Introducing “Bidless”: The Future of Advertising is Here

Topsort has a revolutionary approach we call “Bidless”. It utilizes the most advanced ML techniques employed by the world’s most effective advertising platforms. We’re challenging the traditional methods of parallel search engines, manual ad targeting bids, and slow ad decision-making. Our vision is for a future where cookies are a thing of the past, targeting is driven by intelligent AI, and advertising campaigns are faster, more efficient, and most importantly, respect user privacy.

Dynamic Actually-Clean Clean Rooms 

Clean rooms and first-party data partnerships are getting a lot of attention these days. However, we believe we need to dig deeper and ask crucial questions: how truly “clean” are these clean rooms? Do they offer real-time, dynamic insights into advertising effectiveness?

Topsort’s clean room approach utilizes dynamic ad behavior data and cutting-edge encryption methods. This ensures that we never actually see the raw user data itself. It’s a win-win: advertisers gain valuable insights without ever compromising user privacy. This innovative approach positions Topsort as a viable replacement for traditional cookies and a leader in privacy-focused advertising.

Simplifying Global Reach: Retail Media Buying Made Easy 

Brands and agencies are increasingly demanding a simpler retail media buying experience. We hear you! Topsort is currently beta testing a suite of retail media buying tools with select partners. These tools will revolutionize retail media by simplifying the process and making KPI-driven advertising accessible to everyone. 

We want to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has been part of this amazing journey. To our customers, who hold us to high standards and keep us pushing the boundaries. To our investors, who believe in our vision and provide invaluable support and expertise. And to our fantastic team - a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about building a better future for advertising. Here’s to many more milestones together!

Onwards and upwards,

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