Easier and Deeper Insights with Topsort Analytics Tab

Seyf Emen

March 24, 2023
2 mins
Product Updates

We are excited to announce the Analytics tab for those of you wanting more real-time insights and deeper analytics of their ad businesses.

Performance monitoring is a crucial part of ad business management. In addition to marketplace-level metrics, admins need a birds-eye view of vendor performances and want to be able to see how each of them is doing.

We already have very robust reporting and analytical features within the admin dashboard, but we heard that some of our partners were going through manual processes to better understand metrics.

We know that you want to have a clear understanding of how your ad platform is performing and what your vendors are doing, but sorting through data from multiple sources, exporting and importing vendor metrics, writing formulas, and making comparisons can be overwhelming.

Introducing Topsort Analytics: The Solution to Your Ad Performance Visibility Woes!

Topsort's Analytics is a new section on the admin dashboard that provides you with the visibility you need to effectively manage your ad business. Topsort Analytics gives you insights on both marketplace and vendor levels.

At the marketplace level, you'll be able to see 10 key ad metrics to have insights about how your ad business is doing for any time frame you pick. You'll also be able to view trends for each metric by comparing them over any selected time period.

At the vendor level, you'll have a column list of all your vendors, with each row representing the vendor's ad metrics. Using the vendor analytics table, you'll be able to see how each vendor is performing, and make informed decisions to optimize your overall ad performance.

You can customize the vendor table to view to display the metrics you selected. If you still want to use another tool to analyze these numbers, you can still export all data. Customize the export file with the metrics that matters to you the most for any time period you want.

With Topsort's Analytics, you can say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple data analytics tools, and hello to the convenience of having everything you need in one place. Upgrade your ad management game with Topsort's Analytics today!

Do you want to see analytics tab and other Topsort features in action? Book a demo today!

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