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Don’t settle for less than great! Build with a monetization infra that works exactly as you need. Topsort’s powerful APIs and tools are designed to help you monetize better while delighting your users. Start with our ready-made Native Media Solution, build your own platform using powerful APIs, or boost your in-house solution with our world-class complementary tools.

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Topsort dashboard showing sales numbersTopsort dashboard showing sales metricsTopsort dashboard showing auction based monetization

All-in-1 Ad Formats

Built for Ad Revenue Builders

Topsort’s API and tools are designed to simplify your life while running a state-of-the-art ad platform. From creating ad formats, to vendor onboarding, managing finances and running campaigns; Topsort helps you transform your business effortlessly with a full platform.

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Real-time Reporting

Ad Sales Training

Built-in Payments and Accounting

Developer Logs

Configurable Ads
& Placements

Fastest Time-to-Market

Currency & Language


Want to just launch with an API-first approach? Topsort’s flexible and mighty API stack
allows you to build your own ad server or integrate with in-house tech stack.

Campaign API

Catalog API

Billing API

Reporting API

Events API

Auctions API

We take care of the heavy lifting..

How much to price an ad?

An amount that makes sense both for you and your advertisers. While generating revenue for you, ads should also be profitable for your vendors.

Trial and error or historical data (if you have been offering ads with fixed CPC) could be used, but there’s always the risk of under or overpricing your ads.

The right way? Let the competition decide the CPCs.If your vendors are willing to bid higher and still get high ROAS, let them pay.
You can also set the reserve price if you do not want to start the competition from a minimal amount.

How does the reporting work?

Our intuitive dashboard shows the performance overview with all metrics in real time.

Real-time metrics, make it easier to provide support for your vendors and troubleshoot faster. You can export the performance with customizable metrics for external analysis.

Additionally, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly email notifications with a snapshot of your reports.

How do you ensure ad relevance?

Well, the beauty of Topsort’s customizability kicks in again! We can use your platform’s relevance logic, use ours, or let us build relevance on top of yours.

With your platform’s relevance logic, if one of the products in the auction shows up organically on top of the search results, we give it a higher relevance compared to a product that wouldn’t show up organically on the second page. A product that’s not relevant according to your platform’s logic, can not win the auction and show up as sponsored listings. In other words, a “Bluetooth speaker” won’t appear among the sponsored listings when a user searches for “gaming laptops” no matter how high they bid.

We can also build relevance on top of yours, which is what we recommend for increased relevance. You can also feed user cohorts like zip codes, cities, and new vs returning users into our API for increased relevance.

ML models
Google & Amazon Uses

Tech Matters

Having built auction-based ad solutions for the biggest companies in the World, we are obsessed over product ease of use and functionality.

Small vendors and big brands equally get the same benefit from Topsort’s unique features; high ROAS ad campaigns that are easy to run.


Our autobidding algorithm dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save your advertisers time and money.

Real Time Metrics

Offer support and troubleshoot faster as each impression, click, and conversion is reported in real time.


No 3rd party cookies needed to deliver relevant ads.
Topsort is GDPR compliant and ready for the cookie-less future from day 1

8ms at TP95

GDPR compliant

Multiple Ad Formats


99.99% up time

Fast & Easy Integration

World-class Economics

Highly Relevant Ads

Admin Controls

Mobile Friendly

Detailed Documentation

24/7 Customer Support

Click Fraud

Traceable Transactions

Totally Event Driven

SOC2 Compliant

Ad Sales Training

Vendor Onboarding Help

Economic Consulting

Detailed Targeting

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2-3 Weeks
Fastest in the market

Fun and Fast Integration

We worked hard to build the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use APIs and SDKs and extensive documentation so your teams don’t need to agonize over figuring out how to integrate this world-class infra into your systems. Our integration is fun and takes 2-3 weeks to unlock brand new business opportunities.

2 Endpoints + 1 Post Call

8ms at TP95

SOC2 compliant

GDPR compliant and cookieless

Real time developer logs

Event driven system
in Kafka