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Tools that scale monetization

Topsort brings on-site ads that require little guessing and easy interactions to big brands and small vendors alike. We eliminated the complexity of running high-performing advertising campaigns to give you more time to grow and more money in the bank.

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The Dream Workflow

All in 1 Native Media Infrastructure

Topsort isn’t just an ad infra! We’re all about monetization easily enabling access to auction-based ads and cutting edge tools, features, and services to leverage this technology. With Topsort, you can monetize your app users through seamless and relevant ad experiencesand help your brands and vendors grow.

High Return and Targeted Audience

Diversifying your ad spend will bring you higher returns beyond what Google, Facebook, and Amazon are generating today.

Break-through Sales

Increase sell-through rates through your retail partners. Gain insights into the sales funnel through retail, just like you would with DTC.

Launch SKUs and
Gain Awareness

New products need more attention and gathering the initial reviews and purchases can be crucial to their long-term performance.

Email Ads
Push Notifications
Offsite Ads

Built for real-world
Retail scenarios

Topsort’s powerful APIs and tools are designed to eliminate the operational and management complexity for multi-brand retailers from day one. The world of retail possesses unique challenges, and Topsort addresses all of these challenges to offer a seamless ad experience for you, your brands, and your users.

API-first approach

Want to just launch with an API-first approach? Topsort’s flexible and mighty API stack allows you to build your own ad server or integrate with in-house tech stack,

Email Ads
Push Notifications
Offsite Ads

Tech Matters

Having built auction-based ad solutions for the biggest companies in the World, we are obsessed over product ease of use and functionality.

Small vendors and big brands equally get the same benefit from Topsort’s unique features; high ROAS ad campaigns that are easy to run.


Our autobidding algorithm dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save your advertisers time and money.

Real Time Metrics

Offer support and troubleshoot faster as each impression, click, and conversion is reported in real time.


No 3rd party cookies to delivery relevant ads. Topsort is GDPR comliant and ready for the cookie-less future from day 1

8ms at TP90
GDPR compliant
Multiple Ad Formats
Real-time Analytics
99.99% up time
Fast & Easy Integration
World-class Economics
Highly Relevant Ads
Real-time Analytics
Admin Controls
Autobidding and Pacing
Mobile Friendly
Detailed Documentation
24/7 Customer Support
Click Fraud
Traceable Transactions
Totally Event Driven
SOC2 Compliant
Ad Sales Training

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Google announced that they would be phasing out support for the third-party cookies in 2022, which will affect ad retargeting, behavioral ads, and user tracking. For advertisers and businesses that rely on them, demise of third-party cookies have series impact, i.e. Cookiepocalypse...

Michael Ostrovsky

Cofounder and Chief Scientist

How much to price an ad?

An amount that makes sense both for you and your advertisers. While generating revenue for you, ads should also be profitable for your vendors.

Trial and error or historical data (if you have been offering ads with fixed CPC) could be used, but there’s always the risk of under or overpricing your ads.

The right way? Let the competition decide the CPCs.If your vendors are willing to bid higher and still get high ROAS, let them pay.You can also set the reserve price if you do not want to start the competition from a minimal amount.

How does the reporting work?

Our intuitive dashboard shows the performance overview with all metrics in real time.

Real-time metrics, make it easier to provide support for your vendors and troubleshoot faster. You can export the performance with customizable metrics for external analysis.

Additionally, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly email notifications with a snapshot of your reports.

How do you ensure ad relevance?

Well, the beauty of Topsort’s customizability kicks in again! We can use your platform’s relevance logic, use ours, or let us build relevance on top of yours.

With your platform’s relevance logic, if one of the products in the auction shows up organically on top of the search results, we give it a higher relevance compared to a product that wouldn’t show up organically on the second page. A product that’s not relevant according to your platform’s logic, can not win the auction and show up as sponsored listings. In other words, a “Bluetooth speaker” won’t appear among the sponsored listings when a user searches for “gaming laptops” no matter how high they bid.

We can also build relevance on top of yours, which is what we recommend for increased relevance. You can also feed user cohorts like zip codes, cities, and new vs returning users into our API for increased relevance.