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Scaling a delivery app is hard enough, why make monetization harder? Topsort provides top-notch auction based ads API and building blocks for delivery platforms to help you build a monetization infra that works perfectly for you. Fast, easy to use, and delivers great results, like your app!

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Powering the monetization journeys of the biggest delivery apps

All in 1 Native
Media Infrastructure

Topsort isn’t just an ad infra! We’re all about monetization easily enabling access to
auction-based ads and cutting-edge tools, features, and services to leverage this technology. With Topsort, you can monetize your app users through seamless and relevant ad experiencesand help your brands and vendors grow.

Tools to help you scale both with Restaurant Partners and CPG Brands
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Thoughtful features
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Topsort’s powerful APIs and tools are designed to help you monetize your delivery app in the exact way you want! That’s why we offer a customizable solution, rather than a closed box.  It’s your platform, and your rules. Customize the ad types, reserve prices, vendor access, reporting, and more!

Geo Targeting

Target your users where they are based on your delivery radius, warehouse delivery time and availability.


Save time and management costs by letting your vendors run campaigns on their own!

ROAS Target

Maximize the return on ad spend as our algorithm automatically adjusts bids and spending.

Ad Sales Training

We offer everything you need to succeed! From KAM training to starting and scaling your ad sales.

Payment Support

Interconnected payment system with multiple currencies, automated invoices, credit issuance!


Serve relevant ads for a personalized ad experience without the need of 3rd party cookies.


Real-time auctions similar to the ones powering Google and Yahoo’s ad solutions, but better and faster!

Real-time Analytics

Offer support and troubleshoot faster as each impression, click, and conversion is reported in real time.

Speed is everything in Game. We get it.

Topsort is fast too! Auction requests are returned in 8ms at TP95 and integration takes 2-3 weeks. In under 1 month, you can set up scalable auction-based monetization.

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“But we’re looking for a partner..”said everyone

"Media is a core part of our business and a key element of our path to profitability. Topsort has been a great partner, both on the technical side and in terms of advising our Go-To-Market strategy to bring the product to our CPG partners"

Benedict Counsell, Global VP Retail Media, JOKR GmbH

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Ad Sales Training

We understand that a new ad solution comes with need for the skills to sell these ads. Our ad sales training helps you build your sales team in no time!

Economic Consulting

Not sure about setting reserve prices, managing invoices, expanding into new cities or countries?
We know what works and we are here to help
you succeed!

Onboarding Support

We’ll work with you to onboard vendors and brands to your ad platform with webinars, tutorials, videos, how-to-guides, and trainings.

See how the biggest Delivery apps

are transforming their Businesses

Grocery delivery app takes the fast lane to profitability by partnering with Topsort and betting on native advertising.

Aiming to reach 10% of the total value of the company’s transactions, grocery delivery app JOKR doubles down on retail media as a new means of monetization.

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