Transformative to Super Apps Bottom Line

Topsort brings native sponsored products and listings that require so little guessing work and effective to big brands and small vendors alike. The intelligent pricing algorithm behind Topsort's autobidding and modular APIs bring transformative scale of ad revenue.

Shortcut to Ad Success

Topsort isn’t just an ad infra! We’re all about monetization easily enabling access to auction-based ads and cutting-edge tools, features, and services to leverage this technology. With Topsort, you can monetize your app users through seamless and relevant ad experiencesand help your brands and vendors grow.

Sponsored Listings

Serve up ads personalied and highly-revelant ads on category pages or search results, without privacy concerns.

Banner Ads

Mobile-friendly, high-visibility, and relevant banner ads on your homepage, category or search result pages.

Video Ads

Increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions with video ads that fits your delivery app user experience.

Tools to help you scale both with Restaurant Partners and CPG Brands

Thoughtful features made for Super Apps

Topsort’s powerful APIs and tools are designed to help you monetize your delivery app in the exact way you want! That’s why we offer a customizable solution, rather than a closed box.  It’s your platform, and your rules.

Geo Targeting

Target your users where they are based on your delivery radius, warehouse delivery time and availability.


Target your users where they are based on your delivery radius, warehouse delivery time and availability.

ROAS Target

Brand awareness or sales; whatever your goals are, we have an ad type for that. Pick sponsored listings, banner ads, or video ads.


Optimize your campaigns for ROAS target and make sure your campaigns are always profitable.

Payment Support

Interconnected payment system with multiple currencies, automated invoices, credit issuance!


Serve relevant ads for a personalized ad experience without the need of 3rd party cookies.


Real-time auctions similar to the ones powering Google and Yahoo’s ad solutions, but better and faster!


Offer support and troubleshoot faster as each impression, click, and conversion is reported in real time.

“But we’re looking for a
partner..”said everyone

"Topsort delivered exactly what we needed in a partner - a flexible, API-based solution that delivered top value for our advertisers, met our unique needs as an advertising platform and they delivered it FAST!"

Rory O'Rourke

Head of Product, Ads at Glovo

Ad Sales Training

We understand that a new ad solution comes with the skills to sell these ads. Our ad sales training helps you build your sales team in no time!

Economic Consulting

Not sure about setting reserve prices, managing invoices, expanding into new cities or countries? We know what works and we are here to help you succeed!

Onboarding Support

We’ll work with you to onboard vendors and brands to your ad platform with webinars, tutorials, videos, how-to-guides,and trainings.