Brazil’s social commerce app Facily gains more revenue from auction-based monetization with long-tail seller engagement

November 2, 2022
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Facily vendors reached 10x ROAS after leveraging AI autobidding andwith over 4000 vendors!

Get ready to be blown away by the amazing journey of Facily, the social commerce app that has taken Brazil by storm. Together with Topsort, they've transformed their marketplace, supercharging their vendors' success and delivering unbeatable results. We'll walk you through their incredible partnership, featuring auction-based native ads, and the game-changing autobidding feature.

Social Commerce and Facily's Rise

You know how social media apps have completely changed the way we shop online? Well, Facily, based in Sao Paolo, is one of the leading players in this exciting world of social commerce. They've taken it a step further by creating a unique marketplace that combines group buying and social commerce. And let me tell you, millions of Brazilian consumers are absolutely loving it!

With 20,000 sellers on their marketplace, Facily makes a staggering 7 million deliveries per month. And their app has been downloaded 17.5 million times (as of July 2022), which is a whopping 10% of the population in Brazil! It's clear that Facily offers a truly unique and valuable experience for both sellers and buyers.

Monetizing and Scaling Facily's Marketplace

Growing fast, Facily needed to create a strong revenue stream allowing them to scale…. quick. That's where Topsort came in. They introduced auction-based native ads to Facily's platform, allowing vendors to bid for prime ad placements. Time was of the essence, and Facily needed a solution that could be implemented quickly and easily.

Topsort's Speed and Simplicity

Thankfully, Topsort came to the rescue with their lightning-fast implementation (1-2 days) and user-friendly interface. Within just three weeks, they integrated their native media capabilities into Facily's platform. That meant vendors could start running ads and boosting their sales in no time! Topsort's team also provided extensive support to Facily's account managers, helping them onboard vendors and optimize campaigns on a large scale.

The Magic of Autobidding and Rapid Scaling

Here's where things get really exciting! With Topsort's innovative AI-driven autobidding feature, Facily witnessed a major transformation. Autobidding is like having a super-smart assistant that optimizes your bids in real-time, so vendors get the best bang for their buck. And wow, did it deliver!

At the start, the average return on ad spend (ROAS) was 2.32x, meaning that for every $1 Facily vendors spent on ads, they made $2.32 back. But that was just the beginning! By the end of September 2022, the average ROAS reached a staggering 10.10x. Can you believe it? Autobidding turned out to be a game-changer, skyrocketing the success of Facily's vendors.

But that's not all. Facily's success story continued as they scaled their marketplace from zero to over 4,000 long-tail sellers with the help of Topsort. With the conversion rate doubling from 2.53% to 5.28% between July and September 2022, and reaching above 10% by October 2022, it's clear that Facily and Topsort were a match made in social commerce heaven!

Empowering Open Marketplaces with Topsort

Facily and Topsort aren't stopping there! They're determined to keep expanding Facily's reach and supporting the success of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through auction-based advertising. Topsort's customizable solutions and expert team are ready to empower open marketplaces and revolutionize the way ads are run.

If you're an open marketplace owner, it's time to take a page out of Facily's playbook. With Topsort by your side, you can revolutionize your advertising strategy, just like Facily did. And the results speak for themselves: increased ROAS, skyrocketing conversions, and rapid scaling. It's time to partner with Topsort and unleash the true potential of your marketplace!

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