6 months later, how is the EU's Leading ePharmacy’s Retail Media Solution Doing?

October 21, 2022

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Sales from ads

$1.35 mil.
In an eCommerce category that has a huge room for growth, one European online pharmacy group is leading the industry with its auction-based ad platform. During the first 6 months of their retail media solution, Atida vendors have seen impressive results in terms of ROAS, sales, and conversion rates.

"Topsort's a great partner and our brands love using Topsort for sponsored products. Brands are looking at the ROAS to evaluate the performance of products and it looks better than they could ever expect on Facebook ads"

Pauline Roumegoux, Advertising at Atida France

6 months ago we shared the story of how the leading European ePharmacy group Atida embarked on its retail media journey and started offering sponsored listings for its vendors. Back in March 2022, after a quick integration period, the parent group of ePharmacies Santediscount, MiFarma, and Efarma started its retail media platform.

As Pauline Roumegoux, Head of Trade Marketing at Sandediscount expressed, "brands are looking at the ROAS to evaluate the performance of products and it looks better than they could [have ever expected using] Facebook ads”. The performance of sponsored listings campaigns (5x return on ad spend!) was clearly a big surprise for early vendors of the Topsort platform, but not for us.

Let’s see what happened in the 6 months Atida left behind since launching its native media platform with Topsort.

Happy Vendors, High ROAS, Increased Sales

In the first 6 months of launching a native media solution through sponsored listings, Atida vendors spent more than $170,000 on ads.

The uptrend in ad spend clearly shows how happy the vendors are with their ad campaigns.

“How happy?” you might ask!

Total sales from the ads during these 6 months reached a whopping $1.35 million. That’s a 7.75x overall ROAS. For the sponsored listings campaigns, the overall ad click to purchase conversion rate is around 20%. Impressive, isn’t it?

All of these brands also significantly increased their product impressions in relevant search terms to strengthen their brand awareness while boosting their sales.

These numbers are just a fraction of what Atida’s ad platform is capable of.

Just One Country and A Small Group of Vendors

Atida Group operates in 8 countries and works with 1600 vendors across Europe. Guess what all the ad spend and sales we mentioned above came from?

Almost 60 vendors in France, including brands like Avène, SVR, Densmore, Bioderma, and L'Oréal Paris! That’s only one country and less than 4% of all the vendors.

While this model shows that you do not need hundreds or thousands of vendors to start monetizing your marketplace traffic through auction-based ads, it also hints at the huge potential Atida’s native media platform can reach in terms of revenue.

Topsort APIs and tools can be configured to fit your business needs so you can build the best monetization experience for your business and your vendors. Businesses decide how they want to launch and scale their ad platforms. This is exactly what Atida does.

They manage all sponsored listings campaigns for their vendors centrally. Atida’s team gets the campaign requests from the vendors and runs the campaigns for them. At any point, they can also let vendors use our intuitive self-service vendor dashboard to launch campaigns.

The Future is Bright for Online Pharmacy’s Native Media Platform

Online pharmacies still have a lower eCommerce penetration percentage than many other categories but are forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 16.7% from 2022 to 2030. By 2030, the global online pharmacy market size is expected to reach US$ 336.7 billion.

The potential is huge and online pharmacies around the world are working hard and smart to claim their share of the market. They mirror other retail sectors to offer a convenient retail experience, not just for their users but also for their vendors and brands. And, retail media is the key to their monetization strategies.

Atida is leading the game in the European ePharmacy market.

After joining the world’s leading ePharmacies CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Boots all of which launched a native media platform, Atida has seen impressive results from the auction-based ads.

As they expand their native media platform to the other countries they are operating in and give access to more vendors, this newly-found revenue stream will show its true power: scalability.

Using Topsort, scaling your ad platform to thousands of vendors is made simple with our ad sales training and key account manager support. You can scale from a handful of vendors to thousands fast and boost the revenue from the retail media platform.

A Solution Provider A Partner Who Understands Atida's Business

Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve been working closely with the Atida team to help them maximize their native media platform. From ad sales training to vendor support and campaign optimization we offered our expertise in building and running auction-based ads.

We do not see ourselves as solutions providers, but as partners that understand your business and work with you to grow it. We help you easily build, launch, and scale a profitable ad platform.

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