Secure, trustworthy, and traceable! Your game-changing ad platform comes with an interconnected payment system with multiple currencies, automated invoices, credit issuance!

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Real-time, Traceable Payments

In advertising, every click and impression mean real revenue for the marketplaces and real investment from the seller. Topsort’s payment support treats every click and impression like real currency transaction - with double entry accounting.

Managed vs. Self-Service

screenshot of credit issuance on topsortpayment methods on Topsort

Marketplace admins can issue credits to brands and sellers directly from Topsort’s admin dashboard. Sellers on a self-service modal can also top up using credit cards and other supported local payment methods, such as Boleto or PIX.

your own billing

Topsort’s Billing API can be integrated with your own credit and billing system. With this, you can build your own advertising wallet or coins. Get all the accounting sorted from day 1 and enjoy ad revenue growth!

Billing API

Thoughtful Details for Real Operators

Check your invoices, account balance, payment history, and more on the billing dashboard. Let your vendors easily and quickly add new payment methods, or issue credits for them!

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Payment Ledger

Easily add credits to your vendors’ balance. Use credits as bonuses or incentives to increase the vendor engagement.

Self-service Payments

Eliminate the admin work and let your vendors manage their advertising budgets on their own, the same way they create and manage their campaigns!

two images showing topsort payment method and credit issuance
two images showing topsort payment methods

Local Currency and Payment Methods

Pay in Euros, Romanian Leus or Brazilian Reals, pay with credit card or Boleto Bancarío! We support currencies in 70+ countries around the world and a wide range of payment integrations.

Robust and Transparent Accounting Support

We understand what accountability and transparency means when it comes to finances. Manage your payments with high-security, confidence, and speed.

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