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Build your own native media platform with Topsort and generate a future-proof revenue line.
Our easy-to-use and world-class auction-based ads API and building blocks for multi-brand retailers are GDPR compliant from day 1!

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Proven Recipes of Retail Leaders

A retail media solution built with privacy at its core and delivers impressive results without the need for cookies or 3rd party data. The future of retail is cookie-free, and so is Topsort.

Retail Media Solution, but More!

Topsort relies on delivering the best ad experience for your brands and consumers while bringing you a scalable revenue stream. Our seamless campaign creation process and ad formats help brands run campaigns that are guaranteed to bring results, without being ad experts. For consumers, the experience is easily finding the products they are looking for, from the brands they love!

Offsite Ads


Push Notifications

Google Product Ads

Integrated CRM

Easy-to-monitor Dev Logs

Workflow for the ones that get it..

Your retail media business, your workflows! Build processes that fit the way you run your business. Keep your retail media platform exclusive to the premium brands or invite everyone. Manage access per ad format, placement, or category. Manually review each campaign or auto-approve them!

screenshot showing CPG brands on retail mediascreenshot showing campaign metrics on Topsort retail media


Let your brands run their own campaigns, with the permissions you give, using our intuitive dashboard. You sit back and relax!

Superior Tech

Sponsored listings, banner ads, and video ads. Whatever your brands needs, wherever you want to show on your website, on mobile or desktop!


Leverage the power of second-price auctions, a technology Yahoo, Google, Meta, Amazon, Ebay and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley uses!

Payment Support

Interconnected payment system, currencies in 70+ countries, automated invoices, credit issuance, and more! Built for a global vision.

Built for real-world
Retail scenarios

Topsort’s powerful APIs and tools are designed to eliminate the operational and management complexity for multi-brand retailers who build retail media platforms from day one.

The world of retail possesses unique challenges, and Topsort addresses all of these challenges to offer a seamless ad experience for you, your brands, and your users.

Promotion Holidays

Millions of page views, clicks, and sales! Topsort is ready for Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Freaky Octobers or peak seasons.


We offer everything you need to succeed! From KAM training to starting and scaling your ad sales.

Private Label

Got private label products? Give your private labels an edge over the competition by fine-tuning the sponsored listings, banner ads, and video ads.

Moving Inventory

We run auctions against the live catalog so you don’t need to worry about the inventory of the products that are in the campaigns.

Better Seller Customer Experience

Each brand has unique needs and Topsort retail media solution have ad formats, features, and tools for each and every one of them.

When Technological edge translates to revenue Growth

Having built auction-based ad solutions for the biggest companies in the World, we are obsessed over product ease of use and functionality when building retail advertising platforms.

Click Fraud Prevention

Traceable Transactions

Totally Event Driven

SOC2 Compliant

Ad Sales Training

Vendor Onboarding Help

Economic Consulting

Detailed Targeting

It’s a Partnership and
we’re here to grow with

“Topsort’s a great partner and our brands love using Topsort for sponsored products. Brands are looking at the ROAS to evaluate the performance of products and it looks better than they could ever expect on Facebook ads”

Pauline Roumegoux,
Advertising at Atida France

Ad Sales Training

We understand that a new retail media solution comes with the need for skills to sell these ads. Our ad sales training helps you build your sales team in no time!

Economic Consulting

Not sure about setting reserve prices, managing invoices, expanding into new cities or countries? We know what works and we are here to help you succeed!

Onboarding Support

We’ll work with you to onboard vendors and brands to your ad platform with webinars, tutorials, videos, how-to-guides, and trainings.