Ad Insights

Ads 101:
Bye Old Ads,
Hi Intentional Media

What are the “Ad Blockers” Catching?

We all know the type of unpleasant intrusive and sometimes even creepy feeling display ads that follow us around the internet because we accidentally clicked on a popup or display unintentionally.. These firstly confuse us, don't have high conversion rates and most importantly, they take customers off the site onto a third-party sites - when you don’t even intend to. This is the type of advertising that gave ads a bad reputation - that cannibalizes user experience and organic content, that is more of a mystic art than science. It’s the type of ad that we are saying good bye to..

Future of Advertising: Intentional Media

Now imagine if advertising actually makes you feel taken care of and resected - and is not the user experience, and only show products directly related to what they already were looking at. Nothing creepy or intrusive. Our ads thread through the existing product listings as "sponsored" - they look clean, and subtle and act as good suggestions to users. Where we run banner ads, they're in relevant locations at relevant times (with native vendors so customers or redirected to a new page within the marketplace) and has both the feeling of “wow this is not even an ad” and “this is helpful”.

Data has shown that Intentional Media outperforms traditional personalized targeting display ads again and again, and is natively integrated so you don’t have to be afraid of ad blockers.

Differences between Unintentional Display Ads vs. Intentional Media

Old Ads that’s Worth Blocking (Ads 1.0)

  • Unintentional guesswork more than data driven intent-based search ads
  • Pop up in random locations across the site, often linked to third parties, confusing, unrelated to what users are searching for and takes users offsite
  • Marketers manually handle the vendors and decide how much to change ads
  • Cannibalization: ads work against growth, not for growth.

New Ads that we call Intentional Media (Ads 2.0)

  • Data Driven Intentional Placements: Only show up where there is an intent of viewer or shopper, never interrupting or intrusive
  • Only appear in hyper-relevant locations where users were already searching, ads 2.0 are based or your product catalog per category & search, with no stored user data and no cookies
  • Marketers spend their time and resources on new ventures, new markets and growth with much less time spent on the ad business
  • Prices are dictated by fair and ML driven algorithm that is updating real-time for optimal results.