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Your Own Ad Business

Build your own Amazon and Google Ads with auction-based technology. Topsort’s simplified platform and modular APIs enable marketplaces, apps, communities to build, scale, and optimize their own advertising businesses.

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Welcome to the great
of Auction-based
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Built with Empathy
for Long Tail

We firmly believe in the power of simplification and have seen how auction-based advertising can work in long-tail marketplaces.

With a first-principle approach and cutting edge technology, we help long tail marketplaces unlock the power of native advertising.

Silicon Valley’s
best Kept

Yahoo, Google, Meta, Amazon, Ebay.. some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley from the last few decades are actually running on auction-based technology and secretly an advertising business.

The technology is hard to build and expensive to distribute, and might have taken even the best of the best decades and many tries to pull off.

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Optimized for Marketplaces and Sellers

Native ads on your platform should work for your business, not against it!

Understanding that marketplaces are delicate ecosystems, we optimized Topsort’s suite of tools and infrastructure to perfectly fit this ecosystem.

Falling Behind?

Media Monetization has crossed the chasm and gone mainstream! Marketplaces of all sizes and multi-brand retailers all over the world and verticals are launching their own monetization to seize the opportunity.

“In the future, we believe all marketplace businesses should have advertising baked into the business model from day 1 to have unit economics
that makes sense”

General Partner at a Venture Firm

Privacy-First Approach for the Cookieless 🍪 Future

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