Connecting the
Post-Cookie World
of Clean Advertising

Welcome to a new era of advertising: Performance-based transparency and data science replace invasive user tracking. The product is the focus, not you.

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High Profit

A fully intuitive product that does 
a lot in just a few clicks

Retail media

The most comprehensive retail media stack that ever existed. APIs, Modules, Self-Service, Managed Service Helpers, and more…

From Top of Funnel Display to Bottom-of-Funnel Listings. We've got you covered.

Clean Room

Uncover the truth behind your conversions. Finally, a Clean Room product that reveals the complete picture of what happened. Topsort's Clean Room unlocks full attribution and deepens your understanding of the user journey – all without compromising user privacy.

Ad Network

Experience effortless, one-click campaigns across retailers and gain the granular reporting you need. Our platform offers standardized, SKU-level insights for both retail and e-commerce environments.

Topsort democratizes the secret behind big tech's profitable ad businesses

Maximize revenue with a powerful auction engine and highly monetizable ad formats designed for relevance, ease of use, and scalability.

ROAS Control
Real-Time Analytics
Industry Leading

The Results Speak For Themselves



+ 500%

Increase in Ad Revenue

1 / 10


Retail Media Platform and APIs


Innovative Bidless™ platform: Keeps the focus on results (ROAS), not input (Cost Per Click)


Product-focused: relevant ads that convert well for customers and deliver high ROAS


Decades of experience: when it comes to auction algorithms, the 'final 10%' makes the difference

Clean Room with End-to-End Conversion Attribution


Securely and compliantly match user data with that of your partners


Discover insights about your customers’ offsite behaviour, or attribute inbound ad traffic


Uses the latest technology to ensure privacy-compliant encryption

Ad Network with 1 Click KPI driven ad buying


Run ads across multiple retailers with just one click. No more setting up multiple campaigns manually.


Topsort's advanced algorithm strategically places your ads across retailers for maximum ROAS.


Fully attributed ROAS/spend reporting across retailers. No more reconciling manually.

Trusted by leading e-commerce retailers and major CPGs worldwide