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Topsort offers unique infrastructure, algorithm, and APIs for world's leading marketplaces to launch, scale, optimize their retail media and ad revenue fast.

2-5X More Revenue
Leapfrog with Unique Tech

Does Technology Matter? It's spoken through results - 2-5x the ad revenue, tested. Why? Topsort's unique expertise in economics, auction theory, and features ranging from Pacing and Autobidding - our Bidless™️ Interface makes self-service possible at scale. Topsort's infrastructure is under 20% of the cost of building in-house server cost and 1% of the time.

Product Driven Retail Media

Is the future of retail media identity led? We don't think so. Product-based behavior data tells more stories than cookies and user data.

Topsort's unique, real-time retail media platform opens up the world of advertising to more transparency and insights that are both universal and granular.

Autobidding and Bidless™️ Interface

Full pricing control and AI-Powered ROAS targeting in real-time and spend intelligent budget with dynamic pacing.

1 Platform, 7 APIs

From Catalog to Billing, to Reporting and Campaign - discover the world of modular Topsort APIs to build a completely custom experience right for you.
Bidless™️ Technology that is Game Changing...

35+ Countries
Countless Use Cases

Topsort's auction-based retail media platform and modular auction based APIs are designed from first principle with universal approach that drives results in B2B and B2C marketplaces, from long-tail communities to traditional retailers, from apps to Points of Sales.

Bidless Interface and Intelligent Spending
Dynamic ROAS Targeting
First and Second Priced Auctions

Made to Scale and

Want to just launch with an API-first approach? Topsort’s flexible and mighty API stack allows you to build your own ad server or integrate with in-house tech stack,

GDPR Compliance
Topsort's advertising system protects user data yet still provides relevant and effective advertising results! That's how we work with EU's top retailers!
SOC2 Type 2 Compliance
Topsort is made to stay compliant and present the highest standard of privacy protection in the advertising industry.
Third Party Cookie-Free
Topsort is built independent of any reliance on cookies, therefore maximizing your resilience for the post-cookie world and adaptive to any privacy shift to come.

How to generate
5x more ad revenue

Invest in the right partner to help you embark on a scaling journey today.

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