Finally, Advertising that just makes sense.

Topsort brings on-site ads that require little guessing and easy interactions to big brands and small vendors alike. We eliminated the complexity of running high-performing advertising campaigns to give you more time to grow and more money in the bank.

image of a small vendor on retail media

Vendors of the biggest marketplaces use Topsort for high-return campaigns

Tools to equally help
Mom-and-Pop and Big-box Stores Small Vendors and Big Brands
CPG brand retail media adsCPG brands retail media ads
Off the beaten path,
there are higher Rewards

Looking for additional channels to spend your marketing spend? Around 70% of the advertisers see better performance with retail media networks than with other channels. Topsort-powered ad platform gives you effective results with a smooth and intuitive user experience. Add marketplace ads to your marketing mix for better results!

High Return and Targeted Audience

Diversifying your ad spend will bring you higher returns beyond what Google, Facebook, and Amazon are generating today.

Accelerate Break-through Sales

Increase sell-through rates through your retail partners. Gain insights into the sales funnel through retail, just like you would with DTC.

SKUs and Gain Awareness

New products need more attention and gathering the initial reviews and purchases can be crucial to their long-term performance.

The Dream tool that considered it all..

With Topsort, you do not need to be an ad expert to run effective and high ROAS ad campaigns.
Even first-timers can easily launch ad campaigns that are guaranteed to bring great results. Save time and improve your campaign performance with autobidding and autopacing.

image showing retail media dashboard for sellers


No need for agencies or ad experts! Easily launch your own campaigns using our intuitive vendor dashboard.

Ad formats

Brand awareness or sales; whatever your goals are, we have an ad type for that. Pick sponsored listings, banner ads, or video ads.

Budget Control

Pick daily, weekly or monthly budget and top-up your balance however you want. See all your invoices in one place!


Optimize your campaigns for ROAS target and make sure your campaigns are always profitable.

Thoughtful tools for
Self-service Advertising

We’ve been vendors and business owners ourselves and know the challenges with Google and Meta ads.
Time spent on YouTube videos and tutorials, money spent never-ending courses, agencies, and
“ad experts”. All to get stuck with a complex ad platform that is not guaranteed to deliver results.

Topsort’s self service dashboard and tools are designed to truly offer a unique ad experience:
easy-to-use and guaranteed high-returns.

Vendors on Babytuto achieved 288% ROAS
in the last Cyber Monday!

Chilean baby e-commerce site with 15M GMV used Topsort’s native media solution to offer promoted listings for Cyber Monday. In less than a month, they reached an ad revenue that equals 5% of their GMV.

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Game-changing “Advertising” Experience

Built with Vendor Empathy

Our founder Regina was a small vendor that owned a Shopify store and had a “broken” advertising experience with Amazon, Facebook, and Google
To this day, much of our product and tech team still come from e-commerce backgrounds and know what the daily struggle of a small vendor can be. That’s why our product is no-frill, intuitive, and always small vendor friendly as well as it is to larger brands - we believe that’s part of your growth journey and advertising should work for it not against.

“Our vendors love Topsort and how easy it is to create sponsored listings that boost their sales. On the development side, implementing such a complex-sounding ad infrastructure in such a short time was the biggest surprise to us. Topsort simply works, without cookies, without tracking user data.”

Rafael Carvalho, Head of Facily Ads