Sponsored Listings

The secret to advertising lays in plain sight–right on your listings page! Start serving up ads relevant to your customers’ shopping interests.

Everyone Wins

Sponsored Listings benefit marketplaces, vendors, and customers. Customers find what they’re looking for. Vendors get high ROAS. Marketplaces drive a profit from selling even more ad space.

Personalized Ads Without Privacy Concerns

Topsort’s only uses first-party data to display ads relevant to a customer’s interests on category or search results pages.

The Power of Sponsored Listings

Watch this short video to learn how Sponsored Listings makes everyone happy.

A few reasons to go with our solutions

How we can help

Topsort provides a 2nd price auction system that takes the guess work out of setting ad placements.

Integrating Topsort is fast

We provide two environments that take you from planning to running real auctions at scale within weeks!

Everyone benefits

Topsort helps you build a new revenue stream and gives vendors better ROAS, all while protecting customer data.

More ad types from Topsort...

Video Ads (beta)

The holy grail of advertising, where you get the most engagement and activation.

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Banner Ads

Give your vendors the advantage of relevant ads at reasonable prices. No guess work for them or you.

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