Sponsored Listings

Promote a product in search and category to premium placements.

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The “Holy Grail” Of Advertising

Sponsored Listings are the most recommended ad type to start with. It drives the most vendor adoption, it’s the eastest to test out when starting, and it scales quickly.

Show Relevant Ads Where Users Are Searching

Topsort’s privacy-first approach ensures that your users are only looking at relevant ads, in search and category pages.

How we
can help

Topsort provides a 2nd price auction system that takes the guess work out of setting ad placements.

Topsort is fast

We provide two environments that take you from planning to running real auctions at scale within weeks!


Topsort helps you build a new revenue stream and gives vendors better ROAS, all while protecting customer data.

A few reasons to go with our solutions

Give your vendors the advantage of relevant ads at reasonable prices. No guess work for them or you.

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