Privacy and Security

Your users deserve an ad experience that doesn't exploit their data and your platform needs to be future-proof!
No 3rd-party cookies are needed to run effective and high-return native advertising campaigns with Topsort's privacy-centric and secure solutions.

We care about your Security

At Topsort, we have always taken the security and protection of our customer data very seriously. Since the early days of our journey, we’ve been following the best practices to protect customer data across our organization.

GDPR Compliance

Topsort's advertising system protects user data yet still provides relevant and effective advertising results! That's how we work with EU's top pharmacies!

SOC2 Compliance

Our dedication to data security and protection protocols underwent audits by independent auditors and our SOC2 compliance is certified.

Cookie free

Topsort' is built with no reliance on 3rd party cookies. Your Topsort powered ad platform will be ready for the cookieless future.
No retargeting
Accounting-grade software
Click fraud prevention
EU servers for EU companies

Cookie Free

Privacy is in our DNA. That’s why our privacy-centric solutions help you offer a seamless ad experience for your vendors and users without invading their privacy. No 3rd party cookies needed to serve relevant and high-return ads with Topsort. We are GDPR compliant and ready for the cookie-less future from day 1.

Read more about our cookieless infra
Google announced that they would be phasing out support for the third-party cookies in 2022, which will affect ad retargeting, behavioral ads, and user tracking. For advertisers and businesses that rely on them, demise of third-party cookies have series impact, i.e. Cookiepocalypse...
Michael Ostrovsky
Cofounder and Chief Scientist
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