Biddable Technology for Custom Built Solutions

Industry standard used by the Google, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

20ms performance at 10,000 requests per second

2-4 weeks integration time with custom tech stack

25-50% ad revenue increase at scale for large ad business

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SECOND-PRICE AUCTION by the best brains behind the notion

The dominant transaction mechanism accelerating the world of advertising. Shoot for the stars with the auction model proven to benefit advertisers every time.


Automate high performing ad auctions. Discover campaign metrics in real time. Drive continuous, informed change in the fast moving world of advertising.


Designed to adapt to your advertising needs. Made to scale and integrate seamlessly with your systems.

Discovery of the true price

Harness the power of auctions to uncover true market value in your products and in your business. Reduce complexity by letting auctions resolve prices in any situation.

High relevance and 30-40% increase in CTR with our quality scoring ML model
Autobidding and pacing that maximizes your ad spend and optimizes for high returns
APIs for querying metrics based on campaign parameters
Real-time insights on events–impressions, clicks, and purchases
OpenTelemetry supports all data collection and health check processes
System independent of search keywords or categories
GDPR Compliant–Top-grade security to protect personal data globally
Safe & Secure SSO–Single sign-on simplifies logins while enhancing security and access control
Customer Data Protection–Powered by first-party data

Supercharge your marketplace growth

Monetize like never before with Topsort’s premium auction API solution.
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