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Welcome to Topsort,
the future of retail media

Every year, ecommerce is taking a bigger piece of the retail pie. Onsite advertising is the number one revenue stream for retailers. Give your vendors the tools to create, customize and run engaging ads that spotlight their business in high-traffic places.

Connecting the best products to the
right audience at the best time

With 1000’s of products across your page, organization and relevance are key. Customers won’t be confused or annoyed by Topsort’s native ads, they’ll only appear in relevant locations; if you’re searching for sports wear the ads shown will be for sports wear.

Sponsored Listings

Serve up ads personalied and highly-revelant ads on category pages or search results, without privacy concerns.

Banner Ads

Mobile-friendly, high-visibility, and relevant banner ads on your homepage, category or search result pages.

Video Ads

Increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions with video ads that fits your delivery app user experience.

No fuzz, no frustration,
just the future of traditional retail

Topsort’s API and tools are designed to simplify your life while running a state-of-the-art ad platform. From creating ad formats, to vendor onboarding, managing finances and running campaigns; Topsort helps youtransform your business effortlessly with a full platform.

API-first solution

Topsort’s flexible and mighty API stack allows you to build your own ad server or integrate with in-house tech stack.


Autobidding dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save you time and money.


Our ML powered pacing algorithm learns the traffic and spending patterns automatically over time to drive best results for marketplaces and sellers alike.

Real-Time Analytics

Respond fast to issues and changes in your ad auction environment. Improve campaign performance.

“Topsort’s a great partner and our brands love using Topsort for sponsored products. Brands are looking at the ROAS to evaluate the performance of products and it looks better than they could ever expect on Facebook ads”

Pauline Roumegoux

Advertising at Atida France

Retail media solved and scaled

We believe that product-centric advertising is the way forward. Product-based behavior data tells more stories than cookies and user data. There is no need to rely on invasive customer data to run effective ad campaigns with high returns. We don’t work around the problem of privacy, we solve it.

.Topsort is a global leader in ad infrastructure solutions for marketplaces and retailers that offers modular scalable APIs to scale and launch retail media solutions, all using privacy first approach enhancing user experience.