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A lot has happened in the world of eCommerce, data privacy, and ad tech since our last cookie-bites update 😱 Let's dive in!

What’s the latest:

  • Seller-defined audiences are getting popularity with Google's recently-announced support.  Released by IAB Tech Lab this year, seller-defined audiences are a new way publishers can share their first-party data with advertisers in the post-cookie world. After extending the preciously extended deadline for the depreciation of third-party cookies in Chrome to 2024, Google announced publisher provided signals, a new tool facilitating sharing the first-party data with advertisers. (AdWeek)
  • The amount of antitrust fines the EU has imposed on Google has reached €8.25bn after the tech giant's failed attempt at overturning the €4.34bn fine over its use of Android anti-competitively by requiring manufacturers pre-install Google's apps. EU antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, who's the main figure behind the crackdown against big tech also has an ongoing antitrust investigation over Alphabet and Meta's "Jedi Blue" program that monopolized the ad tech. (Guardian)
  • Walmart has started the holiday season early by expanding their self-service Marketplace platform. Walmart's Search Brand Amplifier, a tool that was once exclusive to a limited number of suppliers and managed sellers, is going to be open to all brands starting next month. They also eliminated the 3-day onboarding process to their Walmart Ad Center and started offering automated onboarding. Sellers and brands can now launch Sponsored Product campaigns faster. (Walmart)

Stats to impress your friends:

  • US mobile commerce sales are predicted to reach $688.85 billion in 2026 📱
  • McKinsey estimates commerce media to generate $1.3 trillion of enterprise value in 2026 in the US📈
  • The UK has the highest average monthly CPC in Google Ads search campaigns in Europe
  • The most accurate value of Pi is at 62,831,853,071,796 digits

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