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What's the down low in the world of advertising? Certainly something juicy about Apple vs Meta. Let's jump into the news.🗞

What’s the latest:

  • Brands have new priorities in digital advertising in 2022! The advertising ecosystem is rapidly evolving and brands are looking for partners who can offer sustainability, innovative ad formats, and accurate attention metrics. Brands are also negotiating beyond the confines of standard auction-based inventory and are reaching out to publishers who have strong audiences in the right context. (WNIP)
  • Apple already decimated Meta’s adtech empire, but they're ready to hone in on Facebook's advertisers too. 😱 Apple's privacy changes have wreaked havoc on the advertisers that have been relying almost entirely on Facebook's self-service ad platform for more than a decade. Some marketers are still "scrambling" to figure out workarounds in the aftermath, while some are willing to jump ship.
    MarketWatch found two recent job postings by Apple that suggest the company is looking to build out its growing adtech team with folks who specialize in working with small businesses. In other words, they're ready to lure advertisers entirely off of Facebook's platform, effectively hampering Meta's business structure for good, adtech analysts say.

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