Good Afternoon fellow adtech and e-commerce innovators,

In this week's privacy-edition of cookie bites, let's find out what's happening in today's data economy and tight privacy practices.

What’s the latest:

  • How are marketers continually navigating privacy crackdowns? Zero-party data! Consumer goods brands are finding that the best way to get consumer data is to simply ask for it. It's the most honest, transparent, and safest method for businesses to abide by all regulatory and agency privacy laws. 🔒❤️
  • Make way for the rise of Web3 and privacy-preserving algorithms! Companies still want to collect as much data as possible from consumers. Some are still relying on third-party data and trading data to derive value and profit. 😱 Find out how Web3, privacy-preserving algorithms, and the importance of standardizing AI ethics will impact the future of the data economy. 🤖
  • Data is king. DrivenIQ, the experts in audience data and advertising technologies, has raised $15 million in their Series A founding round. They're on a mission to help brands unify, collect, normalize and ingest consumer data - easily and seamlessly - to better engage with their ideal customers. 🚀🚀

Stats to impress your friends:

  • 77% of CMOs said they are investing more in zero-party data sources to acquire and retain customers.
  • 97% of marketers agree that personalized digital experience is a cornerstone of marketing programs.
  • 82% of respondents said they have access to zero-party data, but 42% admitted they don’t know how to use it effectively. This means marketers must learn how to acquire and effectively use zero-party data.

Thanks for reading! By the way, we always protect customer privacy and help you run personalized ads ethically and effectively with only zero- and first-party data 😊.

Have a happy end of August,

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