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What’s the latest:

  • Lyft announced this Monday that they're breaking into advertising with their new launch of Lyft Media. 🚗 They're seeing the value of a whole new ad revenue stream and are on a mission to build the world's largest transportation media network. They're planning to roll out ads on tablets, mobile app, rooftops and bicycles. With Lyft Media, they're poised to make billions just like their competitor, Uber who entered the ad business in 2019. 💸💸💸
  • Mixed ad revenue reports from a variety of publishers like Buzzfeed, Dow Jones, Ziff Davis, and The New York Times tell us that the recession is impacting companies differently across different industries. But many positive accounts of digital ad revenues increasing by 5-11% suggest that the media industry can weather the storm of a recession. (Adweek) 📈
  • Amazon is still flying high above Google and Meta in light of Apple's iOS privacy changes and the economic slowdown. 💪 Ad revenue jumped 18% in the quarter, while Facebook’s business shrank for the first time ever. 📉

Stats to impress your friends:

  • Lyft's rival, Uber, expects to reach $1 billion in ad revenue by 2024.
  • Amazon’s ad revenue rose 18% from a year earlier to $8.76 billion in Q2 of 2022, performing better than analyst's predictions.
  • Random: Emperor penguins are known to waddle and toboggan ~100km to reach their destination. Snares penguins regularly walk 1km through a forest to reach their colony! Penguins are excellent walkers. 🐧

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