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Scaling via APIs and Bidless to Game-changing Momentum

Who is Glovo?

A bidless retail media platform is no easy feat, but Glovo made it look like a piece of cake. Let's dive into the exciting success story of how Glovo skyrocketed their ad business from a mere 20 vendors to over 1000 vendors across 5+ countries in less than 3 months. 6 months later and they have over 6000 active vendors onboarded!

Impressive, right? Here’s a quick intro to Glovo. They're a delivery app owned by Delivery Hero, operating in 26+ countries and 1500+ cities across Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. These guys can literally get you anything you want (as long as it fits in a courier bag). From delicious meals from local restaurants to all your shopping needs from florists, electronics stores, supermarkets, and fashion boutiques, Glovo's got you covered!

Built with APIs and Full Flexibility

Before Topsort, Glovo rans fixed-priced in-app sponsored listings with manual pricing mechanism. When the growth becomes apparent a tech-driven solution is needed to scale to the next-level for Glovo’s media team. Glovo’s team is full of talented engineers and product folks with many that come from experience in the ad space such as Amazon and Unilever - and after careful assessment against other solutions on the market, and comparing all the features available - Glovo’s team chose Topsort as the technology partner for scaling all of Glovo’s retail media solution, as Topsort’s autobidding, auction-first, data-driven approach is exactly what is needed to blitzscale a quick commerce, a food app, and a CPG grocery delivery all at once.

Glovo’s team adopts Topsort’s API-first approach, using Billing API, Reporting API, Catalog API, Campaign API, as well as the Core Bidless Platform.

Features in use

Billing API

Reporting API

Catalog API

Campaign API

Bidless Platform

How did it Go?

"Topsort delivered exactly what we needed in a partner - a flexible, API-based solution that delivered top value for our advertisers, met our unique needs as an advertising platform and they delivered it FAST!"

Rory O'Rourke

Head of Product, Ads @ Glovo

Scaling Glovo's Ad Business with Self-Service

Glovo's ad platform achieved one of the fastest growth rates among all our partners. In less than a quarter’s time they scaled up their vendor count a jaw-dropping 40 times to 1000+ active vendors in 3 months. 6 months later, they reached 6000+ vendors. And guess what? They're not showing any signs of slowing down. Talk about unstoppable momentum! But it doesn't end there. Despite the crazy expansion, Glovo managed to maintain consistently high average ROAS, ranging from 5-7x, with CPCs in a competitive range as well - all via Topsort!

That's seriously impressive, especially when you consider the influx of new vendors joining the advertising bandwagon. And you know what else? These incredible campaign results attracted even more vendors eager to experience the power of performance-based placements. The daily ad spend skyrocketed to more than 35 times its initial value.

Rapid Growth and Exceptional Conversion Rates

With Topsort's custom-built tools and modular APIs, marketplaces, apps, and communities can unleash their full potential in the advertising space. Just like Glovo, you never have to settle or compromise. We've got your back every step of the way!Glovo's success story not only strengthened their vendor relationships but also generated scalable revenue streams.

And the best part? Glovo has big plans for the future! They're expanding their ad platform to new cities and countries, constantly adding exciting new features to help more vendors and brands reach their desired audience.

What Vendors Think

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