Auction Theory
2nd Edition
by Vijay Krishna

Interested in studying auction theory? This 2002 bestseller will get you started with understanding the key auction types. Krishna explores auctions and competitive bidding as games of incomplete information. Note–this isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll be armed with proofs and detailed analyses of theory-informed applications. But trust the standard of authority for diverse auction types.

Krisha reveals basic facts of different auction theories in a style that is clear, concise, and easy to follow. Reinforce your knowledge by solving end-of-chapter exercises and problems.

Whether you’re a graduate student, professor, or industry professional, this book will serve as the doorway to relevant theory for those doing empirical work on auctions.



Vijay Krishna is an Indian American economist who is a Distinguished Professor of Economics and Job Market Placement Director of the Department of Economics at the Pennsylvania State University. His research interest cover topics in industrial organisation, economic theory, auction theory, communications in games and vote theory.


Robert B. Wilson, Stanford University

"Krishna’s superb Auction Theory is an ideal text and reference because his clear and precise exposition distills the vast literature and provides excellent motivation, examples, exercises, and connections to commercial applications.”

Eric Maskin, Institute for Advanced Study, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"On its publication in 2002, Vijay Krishna's book immediately became a central reference in auction theory. But the subject has continued to develop, and so we're very fortunate that Krishna has now updated the text."